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Wind Turbines in Australia – The Goulburn Experience

 A local report [22nd August 2014] is as follows:


Release: Wind Turbines – What effects do they really have??

At a protest meeting in Goulburn NSW, over 40 people turned out on a typical spring day in cool and mild weather. The protest was at the same time local member, Prue Goward [Minister for Planning] and Premier Mike Baird attended a luncheon before the opening of the new War memorial forecourt.

Local mayor, Geoff Kettle, who has previously worked for local federal member Albie Schultz, said Goulburn Council “Had a briefing regarding the new proposal [by Jupiter]”. This is 50 km south of the city amid the rolling grazing lands of the NSW Southern Tablelands and is similar to the Ravenshoe wind turbines, but on a very large scale. Mayor Kettle said, “The jury is still out on the effect of the wind turbines”.

Minister Goward, avoided the protesters, quickly entering the function area, but returned. When asked about how the Department was dealing with the effect of wind turbines on aviation, said “We refer those to CASA”. Goward was unaware of the Civil Aviation Act and the requirement about that “CASA must regard the safety of air navigation as the most important consideration”.

Local farmer and aviator, Mark Tomlinson said “The local residents are concerned about low frequency infra-sound, continual noise and the height of the wind turbines into lower air space”. He also said that “Land values have been shown to reduce by 25% immediately there is a whisper of wind turbines being proposed and up to 50% after installation”.

A local aviator, who has had a number of wind turbines installed in his locality, said “The effects on flying can be quite marked, with turbulence and being a direct danger to my flying. In some places these have been proposed where they would affect local airports and landing strips. Further, there is a danger to aerial agriculture and use of spray aircraft for example”.

He also said “The wind turbines are not shown on normal aviation maps and he believed CASA had an obligation to inform pilots”. “I have never had any communications from the regulator warning of the dangers of wind turbines, with the respect to velocity changes downwind, or in transiting ranges, where the wind turbine may penetrate airspace”.

“In the US, there have been four fatal accidents, and I am not confident that there have been any proper investigations by CASA in Australia for wind turbine proposals”.


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