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Wind Turbine Hearings

 Wind Turbine Hearings

These were carried out over the past 24 hours, with a number of very interesting submissions made, which often demonstrate the limited nature and depth of the approval process. There are obvious vested interests represented.

There were a number of international submissions, particularly on physics – which advance the understanding of the topic. Of particular interest was the articulate presentation of Shane Mortimer for the “traditional owners”.

We have concentrated here on the effects to aviation and it’s related sectors, such as Aerial agriculture and the obvious downwind effects of turbulence.

All submissions from APH site.

Individual Submissions:

  1. Aerial Agriculture
    1. sub20_AAAA
    2. sub20a_AAAA
    3. sub20b_AAAA
    4. sub20c_AAAA
  2. Jim Hutson;
  3. CASA;
  4. Wind Alliance – Crookwell;
  5. sub443a_Australian Wind Alliance
  6. sub443_Australian Wind Alliance
  7. sub443b_Australian Wind Alliance
  8. NSW Rural Fire Service – sub97_NSWRFS
  9. sub101_Prell
  10. sub160_SCAA
  11. sub241_Barber
  12. sub273_Goulburn Group Inc
  13. sub274_Yass Earth Movers



[Highlighted below are aviation related hearing witnesses related to aviation]

Tuesday 19 May 2015
Committee Room 2S3
Parliament House, Canberra
Time /Witness
8.30 am Clean Energy Regulator (Submission 93)
Ms Chloe Munro, Chair and Chief Executive Officer
Mr Geoff Purvis-Smith, General Counsel
Mr Mark Williamson, a/g Executive General Manager, Renewables and Carbon
Farming Division
Mr Amar Singh Rathore, General Manager, Renewables and Carbon Farming
Department of the Environment (Submission 358)
Mr Brad Archer, First Assistant Secretary, Climate Change and Renewable Energy
Mr Dean Knudson, First Assistant Secretary Policy, Environment Assessment and
Compliance Division
Mr James Tregurtha, Assistant Secretary Policy and Reform branch, Environment
Assessment and Compliance Division
9.30 am Dr Andrew Bell
10.15 am Regulation Economics (via teleconference) (Submission 4)
Dr Alan Moran, Chief Executive Officer
10.45 am Morning tea
11.00 am The Australia Institute (Submission 67)
Mr Rod Campbell, Research Director
11.30 am TBC
11.50 am Civil Aviation Safety Authority
Mr Peter Cromarty, Executive Manager Airspace and Aerodrome Regulation
Mr Terry Farquharson, Deputy Director of Aviation Safety
12.10 pm Mr Jim Hutson (Submission 30)
12.30 pm Lunch
1.15 pm Public Health Association of Australia (Submission 276)
Ms Melanie Walker, Acting Chief Executive Officer
Dr Peter Tait, Ecology and Environment SIG Convenor
CSIRO (via teleconference)
Dr Jim Smitham, Deputy Director, Energy
Dr Nina Hall, Senior Social Scientist, Land and Water
2.00 pm Australian Wind Alliance (Submission 443)
Mr Andrew Bray, National Coordinator
Mr Charlie Prell, NSW Organiser
Mr John de Groote, Engineering Manager, Divall’s Earthmoving and Bulk Haulage
2.30 pm Mr Peter Lang (Submission 259)
2.50 pm In-camera session
3.10 pm Afternoon tea
3.25 pm AGL Energy (Submission 83)
Mr Doug Jackson, Executive General Manager Group Operations
Mr Jeff Trompf, Head of Renewables
Mr David Spree, Manager Government Affairs
Infigen Energy (Submission 425)
Mr Jonathan Upson, Senior Development and Government Affairs Manager
4.15 pm Mr Shane Mortimer (Submission 446)
4.45 pm Dr Joe Wheatley (via teleconference) (Submission 348)
5.05 pm Mrs Kim Forde, Director/Principal Consultant, The Missing Link – Resource
Coordinators (via teleconference) (Submission 65)
5.25 pm Dr Christopher Hanning (via teleconference) (Submission 55)
5.45 pm Adjournment
Select Committee on Wind Turbines
Committee Chair: Senator John Madigan
Committee Secretary: Jeanette Radcliffe
PO Box 6100, Parliament House Canberra ACT 2600 Tel: +61 2 6277 3515 Fax: +61 2 6277 5829
Email: windturbines.sen@aph.gov.au


Part 1 Hearings – AM

Tuesday, May 19 2015, 08:20

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Wind Turbines [Part 1]
Record Datetime: 19/05/2015 08:20:00
Duration: 05:10:00
Event Type: Senate
Event Sub-Type: Committee

Official Recording of Senate Committee Proceedings from the Australian Parliament

Part2 Hearings – PM

Tuesday, May 19 2015, 13:29

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Wind Turbines [Part 2]ID: 457670

Record datetime: 19/05/2015 13:29:59 Channel: Senate Duration: 05:10:00
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Keywords: Wind Turbines


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