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Will Geoff Boyd improve the CASA Board??

This is what Geoff Boyd said when he became chair of the RAAA.

Question is, can Geoff apply these continuing principles to the CASA Board job and ensure that the constituency that elected him to this position [RAAA Chair] is represented in the CASA Board situation.

And will the Board put in place the ASRR findings??

It will be interesting to see how transperent Geoff will be, as the CASA Board has not had any degree of transperency so far – and don’t forget the just past “crash-and-burn” Board.


From The Lefthand Seat
Jeff Boyd RAAA Chairman
Managing Director, Kite Aviation
Summer 2012/13
In This Issue
From The Lefthand Seat Jeff Boyd – RAAA Chairman

I am honoured and humbled to have been elected to the Chairman’s position. As many of you know, aviation has been my business and passion since I joined the industry over thirty years ago as an apprentice engineer.
Before saying anything further I would like to pay tribute to Michael Bridge, our immediate past Chairman of seven years. When Michael became Chair in 2005 the RAAA had 59 Ordinary and Associate Members.
At the time Michael stepped down in November 2012 the RAAA membership stood at 96. This is testimony to Michael’s highly effective leadership and I am very pleased that he is willing to stay on the Board. His experience is already proving very valuable to me in my new role.
I have inherited an organisation that is in good shape but I can assure that we will not be resting on our laurels.
It is my strong view that the RAAA is respected by government and its aviation agencies. As you are aware this does not happen by chance.
Just recently I was involved in detailed discussions to resist CASA having open access to SMS systems and confidential reports to the ATSB.
We have fought hard over many years to construct a just safety system that works and we do not need a system to be fixed that is clearly not broken. We also need our colleagues and employees to feel confident that they can report incidents and honest mistakes without the threat of regulatory action.
I can also assure members that I will be protecting all the rights of our members and doing my best for a fair deal from the government, the regulator, Airservices Australia, airports and the security industry.
As you know the RAAA is also a very useful network for members and I would encourage everyone to get involved in the TWG meetings, the Regional Summit and of course our Annual Meeting and Convention at Coolum. It’s your association and we are stronger if members are active across the RAAA.
I also realise that you are very busy running your businesses so if you are unable to attend meetings or events please send your feedback to the RAAA office so that your voice can be heard and acted upon.

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