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1. The first reference is dated 1997

1. Aviation Safety Letter 3/1997

Transport Canada Aviation Safety Award

Donald Spruston, Director General of Civil Aviation and Ronald Jackson, Assistant Deputy Minister of Safety and Security.

Donald Spruston, Director General of Civil Aviation and
Ronald Jackson, Assistant Deputy Minister of Safety and Security.

Donald Spruston of Ottawa is the recipient of the ninth annual Transport Canada Aviation Safety Award for his outstanding leadership and dedication to aviation safety.

Mr. Spruston, a long-time Transport Canada employee, was nominated by the aviation industry. He was presented the award April 22 by Ronald Jackson, Transport Canadas Assistant Deputy Minister of Safety and Security, at the ninth annual Canadian Aviation Safety Seminar in Calgary.

Currently Transport Canadas Director General of Civil Aviation, Mr. Spruston served as the departments Director General of Aviation Regulation between 1991 and 1996. He was a key player in the federal governments consultations with the aviation community, which saw the creation of the new Canadian Aviation Regulations.

“Through his hard work, Mr. Spruston has been instrumental in setting up a consultative regulatory regime geared towards improving Canadas already excellent safety record in aviation,” said Mr. Jackson. “I am very pleased to present this award to someone so deserving.”

The Transport Canada Aviation Safety Award was established in 1988 to increase the awareness of aviation safety in Canada, and to recognize persons, groups, companies, organizations, agencies or departments that have contributed, in an exceptional way, towards this goal.


2. 2001 – International Business Aviation Council

Decision Record IS-BAO Standards Board (ISB/1)
New Orleans, LA, 10 December 2001 Attendants
R. Blouin (NBAA) Member P. Stinebring (NBAA) Member, Vice Chairman J. Batty (BAUA) Member, Chairman W. Remington (CBAA) Member D. Spruston (IBAC) Member R. Rohr (IBAC) Secretariat P. Ingleton ( IBAC) Secretariat
Absent with Apology
G. Navais (ABAG) R. Conley (Aventis) 1. Introductions Mr. D. Spruston, ad interim Chairman, called the meeting to order at 1300 h, introduced those present and extended a cordial welcome to the First Meeting of the Standards Board. He noted that Mr. Navais had been unable to attend but that he had arranged for Mr. Luis Beuno to attend on his behalf.
Mr. Spruston noted that;
Mr. Remington’s place on the Board will be taken up by the CBAA Standards Manager, when appointed (expected early in 2002),
The appointment of a Board Member from continental Europe was pending.* The Board noted that it would be preferable to have two persons from Europe on the IS-BAO Standards Board, one from the EBAA Board and one from a flight department.


3.  Advising NTSB [2011] – Panel 2- Defining Oversight

Oversight of Public Aircraft Operations:

Ensuring Safety for Critical Missions

Donald Spruston, International Business Aviation Council

Mr. Donald Spruston is the Director General of the International Business Aviation Council (IBAC). IBAC is responsible for representing the business aviation community worldwide. Don has held this position since the beginning of 1999.

Prior to assuming his present role, Mr. Spruston held numerous positions in the field of aviation, including managing partner of Canadian Aviation Safety Associates where he conducted evaluations of civil aviation authorities and was advisor to ICAO in establishing the ICAO Universal Safety Oversight Audit Program.

Prior to this Mr. Spruston spent 6 ½ years as Director General of Civil Aviation in Canada. He also gained considerable experience as an aircraft operator as Director General of Aircraft Services where he managed a flight department of over 90 aircraft. He also held a number of air traffic management positions including the Regional Director of Air Navigation in Transport Canada’s Pacific Region.

Mr. Spruston holds a Bachelor of Sciences degree from the Royal Military College of Canada. He has an Airline Transport Pilot Licence and has flown in various roles, such as worldwide cargo operations, VIP transport and system evaluation flying. He has written numerous articles on aviation safety and has won awards such as the Transport Canada Safety Award, Canadian Owners and Pilots President Award and the Canadian Aeronautics and Space Institute C.D. Howe Award.


4.  Journal of Aviation Management 2011 Paper Contribution Abstracts – The Future of Safety Oversight – The Value of Industry Standards

Mr Donald Spruston Director General, International Business Aviation Council


The Future of Safety Oversight – The Value of Industry Standards

No one can deny that the fortification of aviation security processes,
policies, as well as planning and execution has reached an all time
crescendo following the September 11 incident. The level of cooperation fostered between intelligence, law enforcement agencies and private enterprises such as airlines as well as technology providers is indeed commendable.

Since its birth over 100 years ago, aviation has become a critically important contributor to the global economy and enables us to routinely travel to every corner of the globe. The aviation industry has developed and matured at an incredible rate, with steady advances in operational efficiency, technology, procedures and safety systems. Constant improvements in aviation safety, such as jet engine technology and many important innovations like forward-looking terrain and airborne collision avoidance systems, have been key to aviation’s unprecedented growth. The aviation community’s status as a global leader in advanced safety concepts has also contributed to a high level of trust from the travelling public.

Commitment from the aviation community as a whole has resulted in constant improvements in safety results. Safety rules are part of this steady improvement as these are being modernised to keep current with advanced safety concepts. However, there is evidence to show that overall safety oversight is lagging behind new rules, procedures and technical advances. This paper discusses the need for the aviation community to collectively focus on new paradigms for providing safety oversight over a rapidly growing aviation industry.


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