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Who is Mr Martin Dolan??

Who is Mr Martin Dolan?? and where has he been.

This is the man who will answer questions, but not from “Tendentious bloggers”!! [‘…writing calculated to promote a particular cause or viewpoint – having an underlying pupose…’]

There is a report by Ben Snadilands which indicates that Dolan is about to be “…asked to leave ATSB…”

From the CASA 2005-2006 Annual report:

Martin Dolan Member, Audit and Risk Committee – April 2004 to present

Martin Dolan is the interim Chief Executive Offi cer of the Australian Energy Markets Commission and was previously the Executive Director, Aviation and Airports, Department of Transport and Regional Services.
Mr Dolan joined the Australian Public Service in 1980 to work with the government’s overseas aid program, and continued in that fi eld for eleven years.

He then moved to the Department of Primary Industries and Energy (later to become the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry). He worked there for ten years, principally in corporate management roles including planning and evaluation, ministerial support, communications and legal services, financial management and corporate services. His final roles were those of Chief Financial Officer and then Head of Corporate Management.

In 2001, Mr Dolan transferred to the Department of Transport and Regional Services. After completing a review of the department’s road programs, he took over management of the Airports Division. He was then responsible for the Department’s role in selling Sydney Airport, the enhancement of aviation security, post-Ansett aviation policy and aviation safety reform.


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