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When is an AC able to be used in Australia – Legal Limits??

On a number of occassions, I have been asked as to what is the Head of Power for an “AC” – Advisory Circular.

The reference on the most recent is as follows:

Advisory Circulars are intended to provide advice and guidance to illustrate a means, but not necessarily the only means, of complying with the Regulations, or to explain certain regulatory requirements by providing informative, interpretative and explanatory material.
Where an AC is referred to in a ‘Note’ below the regulation, the AC remains as guidance material.
ACs should always be read in conjunction with the referenced regulations.
This AC has been approved for release by the Executive Manager Standards Development and Future Technology Division.

So the AC puts the onus back on the person inquiring about the matter. So for those who have inquired of a CASA person – Good luck in getting an answer!!

The US-FAA has a much more directed manner of issuing these documents, [US-FAA reference] which Australia for consistency, appears to at least use the same or similar numbers.




So, a simple system, which does not create a change in regulatory requirement – read Head-of-Power.

Again, the FAA wins in having a clear system that does not rely on an Australian “I – Believe…..” system.

AND:  Where is the safety case???

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