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What is #casa’s involvement in the Goulburn Airport and the Parachute operation??

A sad accident occurred at Goulburn last Saturday [21st November 2015], which has been a concern of a number of people since the original approval in late 2010.

The following is from paperwork received by this reporter. It shows an attempt to properly involve the regulator [#casa] in how a Council approval occurred in very doubtful circumstances.

The material below is part of a 55-page report to the #ASRR during early 2013.

Report to ASRR about a case requested to be investigated by #casa ICC [Industry Complaints Commissioner]

Goulburn Flight Training Centre Pty Ltd [GFTC]

Public information and discussion:

One of the most interesting is Goulburn [GFTC]:
The pprune thread was shut down last night.

Complaint/ Information made to casa [Refusal to answer by casa CEO]

I put this information to the Senate [see attachment – Complaint to Senate Committee], as McCormick stonewalled me previously when asking the same questions.

I wrote to senate [27th May hearing relates].

McCormick again stonewalled the Senators.

I subsequently put in a complaint to ICC and Cth Ombudsman. These were rejected and not answered. The ICC used the “12 month” rule to effect to deny information.

In short:

GFTC Pty Ltd [Grace Daniels a paid employee of casa and clarc at the time] had as Daniels as a Director and shareholder of GFTC at the time when GFTC made an application for an AOC. [I raised the conflict of interest with Malcolm Campbell at casa Bankstown at the time and he denied that there was any wrong doing by GFTC].

The second shareholder was a John Ferrara, who had made an application around the same time for approval for a Parachute drop zone at Goulburn airport.

AOC Flight school:

casa eventually granted the AOC [training], with [I believe] …………. [ex Brindabella Flying School] as the CFI.

Grace Daniel was removed as Director during October/November 2011 and had her shares abandoned [GFTC Shares] Daniels left the establishment in October/ November 2011.

Parachute jump zone approval:

In 2010, Grace Daniel [from clarc in Canberra], wrote to Goulburn Council, purporting to give permission to Council for a parachuting operation.

Council has refused to have the e-mail confirmed to authenticity [when I put a complaint to Council].

casa in these types of things write using a secure pdf system, but the supplied e-mail was not in this form.

All through this, it was obvious that casa were protecting their butts and were not willing to have anything get in their way, using all the normal excuses – “privacy issues”, no rights to information etc.

ICC Complaint

A complaint was raised with the ICC, which was “simply dismissed”.

My view is that the ICC is compromised as Elizabeth Hampton relies on the casa legal office [her admission to me] for advice.

Further, in December 2013 [EH] has “moved on”.

The relationship with the CEO [McCormick] should be investigated and the use of a OLC [office of Legal Counsel] in the [ICC]  now.

The matter was raised in the Senate in May 2011, with further avoidance of the matter, except for an observed “melt-down” of McCormick.

And of course there is the “Risky video”.


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