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Videos from Senate Estimates Committees

The following are referred to here for you to listen and see what happens in these questioning sessions by the Australian senators:

1. November 18th 2013

2. Bill Heffernan – To the Point

3. Senator Nash and the CASA PotPlant [pete];

4. Pel Air Inquiry and Fatigue Management

Senate Estimates – 24th February 2014

Part A – McCormick filibuster

Part B – CASA and the AOC

Part C – CASR Part 42 Senator Fawcett questions McCormick

Senate Estimates 29th May 2013 – “How CASA is run”


Part A – Senator Heffernan “Would the man at the back of the room believe anything that comes out of Beaker’s mouth these days..??”

Part B – “Caesar judging Caesar”

Part C – Martin Dolan questioned



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