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Update on #skidmore resignation in #casa #saveGA ??

A surprise announcement was made overnight by #casa, with Shane Carmody the Department’s Deputy Director being placed in the #skidmore seat.

The question must be raised:

  • Why Jonathon Aleck was not given the task;
  • What really happened in Fort Fumble with the #skidmore resignation;
  • Has the Minister got his hand in this?;
  • How long will Carmody last?;
  • Will the Minister allow the phone call to be made to the #FAA and bring in the US-FAR’s?;
  • Who will be the next DAS?;
  • Will the Act [CAA 9A] be rectified immediately?;
  • Can Carmody immediately get the #aviation industry with some trust in #casa, by making some rapid fire decisions?

DSCN1365 (Small)

This is the state of the industry, with the aviation industry basically down and out.


2 comments to Update on #skidmore resignation in #casa #saveGA ??

  • Concerned Aviator

    WREN 460 from pprune:

    Would the ANAO please run an audit over CASA with emphasis on the millions wasted on the rewrite of the rules?

    Are some cold winds blowing through the well heated offices of Aviation House?

    Is there a connection between the departure of CEO Skidmore and the highly critical report by the ANAO of Airservices Australia?

    Why are we not given a true reason for the departure of Skidmore?

    Surely the investment and public expenditure on his $600k salary demands a little more explanation than “personal reasons”. The finding of a replacement will cost many thousands more.

    The lack of truthfulness and accountability, let alone the inefficient use of public money, is disgraceful. Both ASA and CASA prove beyond doubt that the independent Commonwealth corporate body model of governance is seriously flawed.

    The concept of a government business unit incorporating ‘user pays’ in a monopoly framework was always false. Characterising these bodies as anything like real businesses, businesses that have all the strictures and incentives of true commerce, including competition and accountability, was and remains false.

    The diminution and hoped for dilution of Ministerial responsibility is at the heart of the problem and the ‘user pays’ concept has lead to the whole country losing out through waste and inefficiency.

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