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Unanswered letter to Mr. Truss

In July 2014, the following letter was written to Mr. Truss, when he was about to speak to the National Press Club.

Not only was there no proper mention of aviation, at all, except for the following:

But it also now allows the aviation, transport and tourism industries to make long-term investment plans based on a commitment they can count on.

By 2060, an airport at Badgerys Creek has the potential to drive an increase in GDP of almost $24 billion.

It will complement — not replace —Kingsford-Smith Airport, which will continue to be a critical part of Australia’s transport infrastructure.

But, when I sent the following letter to Mr. Truss, it was not acknowledged, nor replied to at all.

Mr. Truss we in the aviation industry need answers now and with urgency.


Quote: letter to minister truss July 31 2014.doc
Dear Mr. Truss;
PO Box 283
Maryborough, QLD, 4650
Telephone: (07) 4121 2936
Fax: (07) 4122 3968

RE: Question proposed to the National Press Club on 30th April 2014

Given that your Department is such a large organisation and has a very wide range of responsibilities, of which aviation forms an important part, with over 75 million single journeys on the majors, supported by a wide ranging industry scattered through most small and intermediate size towns:

a. Are you considering appointing a responsible Junior Minister to oversee this area??
b. How are you going to re-gain the confidence of the aviation industry??
c. When will you be up-dating the Civil Aviation Act and regulations to meet the requirements of the Abbott government to reduce red-tape and regulatory impact on industry?
d. What are you doing to rein in the excesses of the regulator – CASA [Civil Aviation Safety Authority]?;



1. I have submitted to the Forsyth ASRR, and join 31% of submitters who were marked confidential as I am concerned about retribution by CASA on the basis of my submission;
2. I have given substantial back-up information [over 200 pages of documents] to the ASRR;
3. I have no-confidence in the regulator;
4. As you are aware, I have raised substantial matters of concern with my local member, Ms. Susan Ley.





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