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The decline of General Aviation a growth opportunity

Beyond our protests it is possible that we are not promoting the tremendous growth potential, the building of businesses, jobs, technologies, and education opportunities that GA can provide.

To this end we look at the current negatives, loss of flying schools, charter operators, maintenance personnel and facilities, airports, refueling points and active pilots. Coupled with burgeoning regulatory taxes and the burden of an unworkable rule set administered by a dysfunctional, costly and untrustworthy regulator makes for a sorry state of affairs.

Fortunately there’s still enough remaining of GA, given some sensible reform, and at little or no cost to the taxpayer, to realise a recovery for growth, rapid growth benefiting all Australians.

GA industry knows that reform is required, many reforms are embodied in the ASRR recommendations. In addition, practically ignored measures like lack of freehold on airport land needs to be addressed.


What is the most common movable object (excepting cars and aircraft) found at airports all over Australia?


Shipping containers.  Unsuitable and awkward for storage as they are, but the best practical alternative to nothing when there is no certainty of land tenure.

Airport freehold needs to be available so that aviation businesses can borrow and invest on airports creating proper places for business and buildings worthy of a modern nation. These are the sorts of measures that we must take to our Parliamentary representatives.



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