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The Carmody – #casa bastardy continues in August 2019

Australian Senate calls an inquiry into #atsb and Angel Flight. {report in The Australian}

Senator Patrick said submissions to the inquiry would be accepted and encouraged pilots and former clients of Angel Flight to do so.


Current report – August 2019:

Angel Flight had insufficient controls in place, and provided inadequate guidance to pilots for addressing the additional operational risks associated with community service flights.

Furthermore, the ATSB found that there were limited opportunities for Angel Flight to be made aware of any safety related information involving flights conducted on its behalf, restricting its ability to identify and manage organisational risks.

2011/2013 report:

As a result of previous ATSB investigations the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) has drafted new legislation, effective 4 December 2013, requiring a biennial review for night VFR-rated pilots. In addition, CASA has indicated that it will clarify the nature of what is meant by the term ‘visibility’ in dark night conditions, provide enhanced guidance on night VFR flight planning, and provide enhanced guidance on other aspects of night VFR operations.

The ATSB issued a safety recommendation as a result of investigation AO-2011-102 for CASA to prioritise this initiative.

The ATSB is also producing an educational booklet in its Avoidable Accident Series related to visual flight at night. When released, this safety education booklet will highlight a number of the risks associated with night VFR flight and discuss strategies for their management.

The #atsb reports:

  1. Mt. Gambier report for reference 2019;
  2. Nhill report – 2011 Report for reference December 2013

The change here is simply a blame game and has the #casa fingerprints all over it………

In 2011, after the loss of Don Kendall and his passengers on an Angel Flight from Essendon to Nhill, I was concerned that #casa would take the matter further to blame whoever #casa thought could be involved.    And that is what has happened.

This has continued with the accident at Mt. Gambier and the #atsb report following, which the industry has serious concerns about.

This was and still is the “modus – operandii” of the regulator, represented by current CEO – Carmody.

Let’s look at the Glen Buckley story to see this at work in real time.





Carmody “WORK” and letter on 23rd August stopping reasonable access to decision making just last week.











And examples of #casa and it’s method of dealing with the “…recalcitrant…” #aviation people and businesses.

#ASRR being ignored by #casa – Why is #casa Board not directing traffic??

Some general comments on #casa regulatory reform

The ASRR report was released to the public during 2014, being the most up-to-date review of the regulator [#casa] and the safety investigator [ATSB] that has occurred.

The report certainly contained many unpalatable issues for these two organisations. Any measurement around that time eg. Colmar Brunton, shows a serious decline in aviation, particularly General Aviation [GA] shows the effect of this intransigence on #aviation in it’s broader sense, although GA seems to have borne the brunt.

By May 2018, Dick Smith in his Oration put some mile posts and promise of a satisfactory reform to the aviation community.

This oration, which certainly explored some areas of definite difficulty for #casa and #atsb, was followed by the Wagga meeting of representative #aviation groups, such as AMROBA and AOPA.

I believe there has been a serious push back, supported by Minister McCormack. The articulation for this can be derived from public comments by McCormack at the Wagga meeting.

McCormack said at the conclusion of his “speech”. “….if you have any further questions, direct them to Stephen Campbell … at the back of the room…” McCormack pointed out Stephen Campbell.

Why is an advisor important in this perceived push-back of #aviation by both the Minister and #casa?

and who is Stephen Campbell??


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