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The Carmody caper continues – appointed DAS today

This is one of the worst appointments that could be made to a Government Quango.

Here is the fiddler, while Rome [#aviation] burns. A person who has shown in an acting role that he is not fit for purpose.

When in #casa, prior to his movement via a series of Government departments, then the Minister’s special “baby” under Mike Mrdak, gets a gig after the sudden departure of Mark Skidmore, the short-term replacement for the totally #aviation industry despised John McCormick [now back working in Hong Kong for previous employer, Cathay Pacific] some questions need asking.

Is there a history for Carmody??

Yes there is and one that imitates Sir Humphrey Appleby of Yes Minister fame, where criminal proceedings are turned into a simple, non-hanging offence of “a code of conduct violation”.

Recently you have his improper treatment of the Senate Estimates committee in May 2017. Indeed, it would have been interesting to have the Senators on the selection committee.

A few questions to be asked here and it shows the degree to which we in Australia have little or no Rule-of-Law, rather rule by regulation.

Of course there is #pelair

Then Lockhart River

The Wilga tail and Richard Rudd

And the Code-of-conduct matter

Criminality vs. Code-of-Conduct

And of course, under Carmody’s acting reign – Missing money

Carmody is king of this process.

We don’t need a new DAS, we need a Judicial Inquiry Mr. Chester.

New Appointment to the Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Media Release


07 June 2017

  • Shane Carmody appointed by the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) Board as the new Director of Aviation Safety for a five year term
  • Appointment brings strong leadership and governance skills to CASA

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester today welcomed the appointment of Mr Shane Carmody as the new Director of Aviation Safety.

“This appointment will support critical reforms underway at the aviation safety regulator and ensure the organisation retains strong leadership into the future,” Mr Chester said.

“Mr Carmody has been acting Director since October 2016 and brings a wealth of governance and aviation experience to the role.

“Mr Carmody previously held the role of Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Strategy and Support at CASA, and has had an extensive career in senior management positions in the public service.

“Under Mr Carmody CASA has already commenced the examination of a number of priority issues raised by industry including fatigue rules, aviation medical, and targeted regulatory reform.

“I look forward to continuing to work with Mr Carmody and the CASA Board to ensure that CASA implements the Government’s recently announced Statement of Expectations which will focus on regulatory activity that is pragmatic, practical and proportionate, and continues to maintain Australia’s strong aviation safety record.”

New CASA appointment set to deliver on crucial reforms

Media Release


12 October 2016

 Shane Carmody has commenced as Acting Chief Executive Officer (CEO) at the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) and will progress critical reforms, Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester said.

“Mr Carmody will act as CEO and Director of Aviation Safety for up to 12 months or until a new CEO is appointed by the CASA Board,” Mr Chester said.

“A domestic and international search for a new CEO is currently underway.

“Mr Carmody’s appointment will ensure the aviation safety regulator retains strong leadership as the reforms are finalised.

“As committed during the election, I have reiterated to Mr Carmody the need to complete the implementation of CASA’s parts of the Government’s response to the Aviation Safety Regulation Review by the end of this year, except where CASA and industry have agreed that implementation should be deferred.

“As Deputy Secretary at the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, Mr Carmody oversaw several key aviation portfolio areas including the Aviation and Airports Division, the Office of Transport Security and the Western Sydney Unit, and has been working towards delivering the Western Sydney Airport at Badgerys Creek.

“Mr Carmody has also held the role of Deputy CEO Strategy and Support at CASA, between October 2006 and May 2009.

“Implementation of the important reforms will require CASA to work closely with all sectors of the aviation industry, a role where Mr Carmody’s previous experience should prove invaluable,” Mr Chester said.

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