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Terry calls the tune at CASA after the McComick departure.

The current monthly missive from CASA, which is fast on the heels of the departing McCormick, is by his “partner in crime”, Terry Farquarson.

Yes, Terry, the world has not fallen in, but the trust of the industry falls further.

You have the new ‘screamer” in the Angel Flight matter.

And in the Courier Mail, Truss says he cannot help the aviation industry.

In the monthly missive, Terry is telling us, ably supported by the Minister “…who can’t tell CASA what to do…”, that aviation might as well just “…go away…”

There has been no reply to the ASRR [Forsyth Review] by Truss, except saying it will happen later this year. Is this going to be just another piece of shelf-ware??

Part 61, Terry will not work.

100.5 – a disaster

and on and on

More of CASA just doing what it wants, with NO CONCERN for the industry.

Ask a few of the victims:

Quadrio, Angel Flight, Aerial Agriculture, Owners, Pilots, LAME’s, PelAir, AOC operators and the list goes on.

And today, Ben Sandilands puts together a series of  “Truss Questions” about PelAir and the Senate proved, dodgy ATSB report.


September 2014:

From the acting Director of Aviation Safety
Terry Farquarshon

I know speculation is rife throughout the aviation industry about who may be chosen as the Civil Aviation Safety Authority’s next Director of Aviation Safety. While it is certainly not my place to comment on the speculation I can assure everyone the process for selecting a new Director is well and truly underway. What needs to be understood is that there is a rigorous process that must be followed. As you would expect the process involves a search for suitable candidates, short listing, interviews, checking and then a recommendation and approval process. The approval process involves the CASA Board, the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, Warren Truss, and beyond. The completion of this process takes time – time that is well spent making sure the best possible person is selected to lead CASA. While this process is being completed I will continue to act as Director of Aviation Safety.

I have told CASA that during this period we must, as always, work hard and continue to execute our plans in accordance with our set priorities.

No aspect of CASA’s work is being put on the backburner or ignored during this transition time. CASA will continue to play its part in the maintenance and improvement of Australia’s high standard of aviation safety, taking the appropriate steps to identify and manage risks.

I do, however, want to make it clear that safety is a shared responsibility and to remind all holders of civil aviation authorisations that they have a responsibility to conduct their aviation activities safely and in accordance with the relevant legislation.

Despite some dire predictions, Monday 1 September 2014 came and went and the aviation world did not come to a halt. That was the day the new suite of pilot licensing regulations took effect and we began the four year transition period for pilot licences and three year transition for flying training organisations. In fact, rather than a welter of problems caused by the new regulations our main challenge has been keeping up with the number of people keen to move their licence over to the new regime as soon as possible.

CASA’s licensing team are doing their best to keep up with the influx of applications but I do ask for your forbearance during this initial busy period and remind everyone that it is not essential to have a new Part 61 licence immediately.

As part of our commitment to improve the way we work and support the aviation community CASA has engaged research company Colmar Brunton to conduct an online survey during October 2014 about our safety promotion activities. We want your feedback on how well CASA communicates safety-critical messages so we can develop and deliver information to you in the future in the most effective way. As a subscriber to the CASA Briefing newsletter you will be sent an email in early October inviting you to take part in the survey. I do encourage everyone to take part so we can best understand how to communicate essential safety information to you.

Yours sincerely

Terry Farquharson


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