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Lord Howe Island accident

The recent Lord Howe Island accident was reported today in The Australian.

There are now three accidents/ incident’s that can be partially attributed to poor passing on of weather to pilots and aircraft in transit and variably poor Air Traffic control and likely interference by #casa.

Pelair – November 2009; Mildura – July 2013; Parallells […]

#casa annual report 2017

The #casa annual report 2017 released in late October 2017 is interesting from the start and the letter by Jeff Boyd to the Minister.

It was dated the 12/9/2017 with a copy to Mike MrDak.

Problem is MrDak left Department on the 7th September 2017, some five (5) days earlier.


No progress Mr. Chester at since 1999 at what cost??

I have been doing some historical research on some documents lent to me by an #aviation participant.

These are a bit of history, but demonstrate why Australian #aviation is in crisis.

Just yesterday, the helicopter industry refused to be further bullied by #casa.

Admin · 14 hrs

As of today i am told from a […]

Josh Hoch, #casa, Queensland Police update

We have all been looking at where the “Josh Hoch” saga has been going. This story from the Townsville Bulletin on Friday bears reading and raises a number of issues.

This is particularly with regards to the 2012 to 2016 period.

What questions arise:

What is the basis of the fraud? How did Hoch operate […]

Ministerial challenge – Revitalise #aviation by cutting red-tape

Is there another way?

Not long after Trump became US President, he made an instruction to the FAA for every new regulation, to remove two regulations.

On 25th April 2015, this publication said:

Red Tape reduction by CASA

What an amazing article by CASA [in full below]

We have spoken [the aviation industry], using an […]

#casa spends $165,000 on the Avalon airshow

Browsing the RTK [Right-to-Know] website this afternoon I found the attached reply to a FOI request.

The total cost of CASA’s attendance at the Avalon Airshow in 2017 was $165,000.

I am incredulous that this could happen. Remember, Shane Carmody gets around $600,000 a year.

So in just 7-days, casa spends the equivalent of 30% […]

#pelair update and an estimated date for review by DIP’s

Manning says that the ATSB’s processes were OK, but with #pelair #atsb did not follow the processes.


#casa called out by NSW Coroner with defective regulations and processes

Serious concerns raised by NSW Coroner into how #casa carries out it’s approvals and deals with known safety matters.

Two pilots have died from this lack of regulatory control by #casa.

There are #SR’s issued by #atsb that are being ignored by #casa

Our sympathies go out to the Black family.


#atsb and first […]

2016 review in brief – Abysmal #casa, #atsb, #asa performance

2016 saw a large number of changes in #aviation, but little to give hope for the future where we can #saveGA.

Some of the #aviation highlights/ lowlights are below, which lead to a very low score for the 2016 year.

Over 480 #aviation people turn up to protest issues to DPM Joyce and Minister Chester […]

#casa missive – November 2016 Camody

Carmody in his first “missive” says:

“…..I intend to lead CASA to be a firm, fair and balanced regulator. We need to get the right safety outcomes without unintended consequences, unreasonable requirements or unnecessary costs to the aviation community. It is not an easy balance to strike, yet that is our job. Of course, this […]

#airservices face new inquiry – #casa next??

The last two senates estimates hearings have put serious pressure on #casa, #airservices and #atsb.

There appears to be some sort of death wish of the leader via departmental head Mrdak and the individual semi autonomous government organisations.

The recent ANAO inquiry into #airservices certainly canned their method of “doing business”.

Yet Harefield in […]

September missive by #casa and goodbye Skidmore

This is Skidmore’s last misssive, and …goodbye…

[Remember, the missive only goes to around 7000 people and many of these only have an interest in #aviation, being on the “list”]

What has Skidmore brought us?

More regulation; No improvement of regs especially Part 61, which brings higher costs and no understanding improvements, despite Skidmore’s “Tiger […]

Audit Office report into ASA #Airservices proves misfeasance in #onesky

Audit Office report into ASA #Airservices proves misfeasance, due to the #OneSky purchasing and assessment procedure.

This misfeasance should be placed squarely at the feet of Michael MrDak, Head of Department for failing to institute proper procedures to ensure his satellite organisations:

CASA; AirSerices; ATSB; etc were compliant with proper procedures.

Mrdak should resign now, […]

CASA demonstrate siege mentality

In the last few weeks, since the publication of the Jabiru article in the Australian on 29th July 2016, #casa are attempting to “…pervert a reasonable safety case…” by their actions. In the case of Jabiru, Jonathon Aleck refuses to allow the removal of restrictions on Jabiru to go, saying:

“Our concerns were real and […]

Sign the Petition on change.org

Well done Sandy Reith, with starting the petition and a great follow up to the May 6th Tamworth meeting.


Please support this petition, a win for General Aviation will help put the brakes on bureaucracy in general.

We need your support, our few voices are not enough.


Save Australia’s General […]

New web site – #casa trumpets “Partners in Aviation”

The new #casa web site , lists the following as their “partners in aviation safety”, but there is no mention of:

Pilots; LAME’s; Controllers; Owners; PAX; Operators and A myriad of others who impact on the actual safety of the passenger, owner, operator, pilot and others.

This demonstrates the absolute disconnect in the Australian Aviation […]

#ozaviation in a parlous state – Some background reading for aviators

Background reading for us, should commence with:

No_Confidence in #casa – 2012

Future of Aviation August 2013

Future of Aviation August 2015

ProAviation – Senate report will shape safety investigation future Pro Aviation

AND some more specific comments on recent events:

Dear Ministers & Chair Boyd – from Ben Morgan Aviation Advertiser

Murky Mandarin & possible dodgy deals […]

Is #casa listening?? Another #casa seminar wasted!!

At a recent Aviation Seminar, which was conducted at Mareeba, it is reported that the #casa presenter refused to let certain aviators attend the evening.

These evenings are the only contact that are made in a relatively informal fashion with the industry.

It is essential that the relevant and often repressed questions are allowed and […]

Change to #casa regs – remove Part 61, Go to US-FAR’s

The successful meeting in Tamworth on 6th May 2016 is to continue with a high level meeting with DPM Barnaby Joyce and Minister Chester in Canberra on 24th May 2016.

The well constructed letter and argument to these individuals could not be clearer.

Make the change to the US-FAR’s

“…………….. the Federal Aviation Administration of […]

#tamworth rally and #ozaviation

This commenced in April 2016 with the release of Project Eureka by #aopa Australia.

The initial meeting featured Dick Smith:


ABC News report:

Claims that flying regulations are crippling general aviation industry ABC New England

Jennifer Ingall

Updated 14 Apr 2016, 1:52pm

Photo: Aviation industry leaders claim regulations around small aircraft are […]

R22 used in Private ops avoids Jack Pantovic action

Northern Cattle Muster

A real mix of the old and the new just north of The Lynd last Thursday.

A mob of over 500 Brahmans was in the yard just to the south of the idyllic spot for lunch by the musterers.

A brace of four-wheel motor bikes had been joined by the traditional horse, […]

D-Day arrives for #ozaviation at Tamworth

The following is re-printed in full and needs the support of all of us.

Last nights Senate Estimates shows the depth to which CEO Skidmore has been side-lined by his staff and is either un-knowing [at best] or completely ignorant of his responsibilities.





Project Eureka meeting – Tamworth 6th May 2016

The project Eureka continues to gain momentum, with a good expose by Steve Hitchener of Yaffa:

The Last Minute Hitch: 22 April 2016 22 Apr 2016

AOPA’s Project Eureka Papers contain a lot of home truths, and that is going to make it a very unpopular document with a lot of people who cherish their […]

A turning point i#ozaviation occurs today – Mark the 12th April 2016 in your diaries

A turning point i#ozaviation occurs today – Mark the 12th April 2016 in your diaries

As we all know, aviation in Australia is in it’s death throes.

That said, there is a very serious attempt to keep the industry alive.

As an example of how frustrated industry has become with the regulator we can […]

Was #casa CEO Skidmore in Canada this week??

Was #casa CEO Skidmore in Canada this week??

A question I was asked a couple of days ago and on checking, #ICAO had a session as follows:


or was it for this one??

Question is: What was gained for the #ozaviation and what was the cost??


Reactions to Dick Smith, project Eureka regarding #casa poor regulation

It has been a rocky road for #casa and in the mins of some, a very good thing that industry is taking the lead and saying “….enough is enough…”

Project Eureka says it all.

In the words of a long time aviation participant:

It is not CASA creeping over-regulation, is is RAMPAGING over-regulation, in complete […]

Support for #ozaviation rises and PM Turnbull must take notice and effect a solution

I attach the letter that Aviation Advertiser sent to the relevant Ministers. It deserves a read of it’s content against the direction aviation must take.

The move by #casa and it’s CEO to abandon his membership of #aopa should be seen for what it is – a massive dummy spit when he did not get […]

Dick Smith writes to #casa with a Federal Court action in the offing

Dick should be well supported in his direct action to ultimately show #casa acts outside it’s remit and legislative responsibility.

A rogue organisation??


FOI launched on “Right-to-Know” about Richard Green

In an FOI, regarding #casa statements to the press, which appeared to be quite critical of Richard Green and with no statements sought to refute the #casa statements.


The application asked the following:

I request all documents related to statements made by Peter Gibson or others of CASA, following the death of […]

Talkfest in Wagga on 2nd March – Will questions be answered??

The latest by Skidmore and follows the Mildura and Townsville events. Moorabbin to follow.


Flight Plan 2030 forums Flight Plan 2030 – Townsville 25 February 2016 Flight Plan 2030 – Wagga Wagga 02 March 2016 Flight Plan 2030 – Melbourne 16 March 2016

They are still e-mailing people, so maybe not as popular as […]