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#casa loses the plot on the proposed CAAP

#casa loses the plot on the proposed CAAP I would have thought that “compulsory sworn statements” (coroner’s report, and the following comment) are more likely, and correctly, within the purview of properly convened court proceedings. For the record [Thanks auntypru.com] the only publicly available document from the Kathryn Sheppard inquest was the Coroner’s recommendations: […]

ADS-B Change process speeds and cost drops

ADS-B Change process speeds and cost drops

The cost continues to drop, which questions why #casa should not place a moratorium on the mandated use of ADS-B.

Garmin has released new equipment, which in part:

“…which meets the TSO performance requirements set forth by the FAA…”

Waiting sometimes works – an appeal to the CASA […]

CASA not supported by aviation industry

CASA not supported by aviation industry

CASA has not been supported by the aviation industry as it goes about an expensive and poorly directed “reform process”. Industry has sent numerous messages to the Minister, Heads of Departments and CASA itself without any indication of change of direction. The most obvious recent “fail to change” is […]

Mark Skidmore’s first “Missive” – No future for Aviation

Mark Skidmore’s first “Missive”:

Well, the training wheels are off on Mark Skidmore’s first foray into the big aviation world.

He lists the “….five principles CASA must embrace when making decisions or taking actions…”, but the “..principles…” are not bound at all in the CAAct, except for Principle 1 – CAAct 9A.

This approach does […]

CASA enforcement – Type of person used

Just doing some browsing and found this advertisement for past ‘Enforcement Officer’, which shows that there is no requirement for any aviation knowledge at all [apart from the CASA Act/ regs].

Perhaps this is why the interface with industry of these people is so rocky.

Past state police officers or Federal police have been used […]

Civil Aviation Act – What does it really mean?? What is s9A??

The following from the Civil Aviation Act section 9 and 9A, govern what happens, with the catch-all at 9A:

9 CASA’s functions

(1) CASA has the function of conducting the safety regulation of the following, in accordance with this Act and the regulations:

(a) civil air operations in Australian territory;


McCormick finishes at CASA as Chief – Is this history repeating??

For the books:



UNDER THE MICROSCOPE Written by Tom Ballantyne Thursday 1 February 2001 Blunder puts pressure on Australia’s safety bodies

Australia’s air safety regime is in political and operational crisis in the aftermath of an embarrassing maintenance blunder by major operator Ansett Australia and widespread complaints about the safety regulator, […]

AMROBA calls on Minister to review DAS selection process

AMROBA calls on Minister to review DAS selection process, which has been based on the previously flawed selection processes. The industry cannot see another DAS who fails to connect with the Australian aviation industry.

All through the ASRR led competently by David Forsyth, the industry has flagged the “..corrosive relationship..” of CASA with the industry.


Critical CASA proposal on Fuel and Alternate requirements

A critical project such as this only has a four week consultative period from 14th August 2014 to 12 September 2014.

This is such that industry gets inadequate comment time.

Another part 61 debacle?? or just a fluff to the Senate??


Project OS 09/13 – Fuel and Alternate requirements Issue

Civil Aviation Regulation 1988 […]

Senator Fawcett questions – Still not answered – Where is the Archerfield case??


Senator FAWCETT: Gentlemen, a number of individuals and aviation associations have criticised—in fact, some have condemned in quite strong words—both the minister and the department for their handling of the issues around commercial development on Bankstown and Archerfield airports.

I would […]

ABC interview with AAAA’s Phil Hurst on ASRR

Finally there is some public comment on the Forsyth review. CASA still has no press release on the matter. AAAA and Phil Hurst was intervied today.

There has been some comment in Cairns on the ABC as well.

I will append it with this material when it becomes available.


19 June, 2014 9:24AM AEST […]

ASRR Report released by Truss

The heavy lifting still has to come on this as the report still allows CASA to prevail.

This fails to fully get to the real underlying problems of the industry, which is supported by the member for Franklin who shows her complete ignorance of the issues, a problem arises for the industry.

The following are […]

Should the CASA Board meet the new ASX requirements??

The following summary of “ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations – 3rd edition”

has been released.

The following summary by Kelly deserves a read and ask the question – “Should the CASA Board and CASA comply with these requirements??”:

ASX Corporate Governance Principles and Recommendations – 3rd edition Kelly & Co Jamie Restas, Andrew Corletto […]

Rules for a Regulator

The following are published as the “Rules to be followed by Commonwealth bodies”

Question is, is CASA complying??



CASA strike again, with more expenditure and new “projects”



Subject: CASA Standards Development – New Projects From: CASA mailing lists <noreply@casa.grapevine.com.au> (Add as Preferred Sender) Date: Mon, May 05, 2014 9:54 am To:


CASA wishes to advise the opening of:

Project CS 14/09 – Post-implementation review of CASR Part 90 Project CS 14/10 – Update of AC 21-46(1) Project MS 14/11 […]

Is this the future requirements for aviation in Australia – ASRR, Minister Truss

The following post on pprune is a very good “way forward”, which I have summarised from this and included a full list for the ASRR and the Minister immediately below:

• Regulatory reform programme – Introducing the US-FAR’s • CASA – Dismantling of and creation of a new aviation safety body; • ATSB – The […]

CASA calls for 11 day submissions on a public holiday

The following was released on Friday 11th April 2014:

CASA wishes to advise that Consultation Draft – CD 1404OS – Amendments to CAO 82.3 and 82.5 to incorporate provision for an SMS and HF&NTS amendment process has been published and is now available for comment.

All comments should be submitted via the Project Leader, Nick […]

Senator Xenophon and PelAir – Why did Albanese not reply to the Senate??

The following has just been released in a readable form:

Senate debates Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Adjournment 7:44 pm

Aviation Transport Safety Bureau

Nick Xenophon (SA, Independent) Share this | Link to this | Hansard source

I would like to speak tonight on an incredibly seriously issue that goes to the heart of […]

ASRR Aviation Safety Regulatory Review Where to from here??

The work is now in front of us to place properly protected submissions to the review panel.

Hopefully the Senator’s who drove this review are working towards proper protection of information, people and submissions.

The TOR [term’s of reference] need a substantial re-jig in order to ensure the full available information flows forward.

A move […]