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Camit closes in Bundaberg

Another sad day for #aviation and no comment from the Minister.

Darren Chester MP @DarrenChesterMP Aviation manufacturer closure a sign of the times, industry insider says QLD Country HourBy Kallee Buchanan

Posted Mon at 2:42pm

Photo: The CAMit factory in Bundaberg was the largest of its kind in the region. (ABC Rural: Kallee Buchanan) […]

Campbell v Hay case in NSW District Court and Recreational Aviation vs Damages/ responsibility

This case [Judgement on 14th April 2014] made interesting reading recently and was concluded following an appeal in the NSW Supreme Court, which is uploaded here, or on the Supreme Court site [slow to load]

pprune reported information and discussion on this at an earlier time.


There was a recent case, reported at Lexology, […]