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Coglan strikes again – Bad #casa witness in Quadrio affair

Coglan strikes again – The #casa witness in Quadrio affair, who gave, on his own statement, false statements about John Quadrio.

A similar situation occurred with Jack Pantovic last December 2015, when accusations were made that led to an AAT hearing in Cairns.

John lost his flying licence on this basis and #casa has […]

R22 used in Private ops avoids Jack Pantovic action

Northern Cattle Muster

A real mix of the old and the new just north of The Lynd last Thursday.

A mob of over 500 Brahmans was in the yard just to the south of the idyllic spot for lunch by the musterers.

A brace of four-wheel motor bikes had been joined by the traditional horse, […]

CASA and the AAT – CASA fails to “assist the tribunal”

CASA and the AAT – CASA fails to “assist the tribunal”

The recent decision against CASA last month raises some interesting issues.

This involved a trainee [CPL] pilot, who hired an aircraft for which he was properly authorised to fly, arrives a few minutes after last light. The pilot [Fadella], is accused of a range […]

AVMED Problems – Bladeslapper

AVMED problems raised by Helicopter pilots:

Re: Helicopter Pilot training path

The information provided by HKK is still current. I had LASEK in 2009 with pre-surgery refraction of -5 left and -3 right and was subsequently confirmed as AVR1 by AVMED. by jandakotflyer Fri Mar 21, 2014 2129 Forum: Flight Training Topic: Helicopter Pilot training […]

R22/ R44 matter goes on – Robinson manual found defective

Court of Appeal – FSA 2002 – pages 55-61 R22/ R44 matter goes on, – Robinson manual found defective, with the Court of Appeal in Brisbane awarding an up-held appeal by the McDermott’s.

The original matter was reported here earlier in 2014.

This goes back to 2004, where a retraining bold let go [Bolt-4] and […]

Chopper landing at Cooktown – Quality Landing site??

A Bell-206 ‘landed’ on an outcrop of rock yesterday [7th October 2014]. The aircraft sufffered what appears to be a dynamic ‘rollover’.

A “safe” operation???


Dick Smith re-enters the fray – problems with AirServices [ASA]

I was travelling two weeks ago and Macca on Sunday had Dick Smith pointing out the problems with Part 61, and the substantial extra costs imposed on the industry. He also went to the confusion being foisted on the entire industry.

In the article by Steve Creedy, the matter is further developed.

Rob Rich of […]

R22 helicopters, LAME’s, Owners and legal actions

In March 2014, the following was reported and bears reading:

McDermott & Ors v Robinson Helicopter Company [2014]QSC 34 PARTIES: GRAHAM JAMES McDERMOTT (first plaintiff) JUANITA CAROL McDERMOTT (second plaintiff) NTB PASTORAL HOLDINGS PTY LTD (third plaintiff) v ROBINSON HELICOPTER COMPANY (first defendant) FILE NO/S: BS 4573 of 2007 DIVISION: Trial Division PROCEEDING: Trial DELIVERED […]