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September missive by #casa and goodbye Skidmore

This is Skidmore’s last misssive, and …goodbye…

[Remember, the missive only goes to around 7000 people and many of these only have an interest in #aviation, being on the “list”]

What has Skidmore brought us?

More regulation; No improvement of regs especially Part 61, which brings higher costs and no understanding improvements, despite Skidmore’s “Tiger […]

AVMED under fire again – Steve Hitchins comments

Steve makes some valid comments on the Skidmore lecture. [see below]

But Skidmore is not talking about the #casa that most of us are still seeing, as it is distinctly “Rule-by-Law”, not “Rule-of-Law”. Many of the pilot community have their eyes glaze over about now, but it essential that we see this situation for what […]

ColmarBrunton Report part 2

Reading through the #colmarbrunton report shows the degree to which #casa has no commitment to a “…better way..”. The better way, does not include any new options as the attached table from the report shows. See below.

The key to the #casa approach is “…Industry to comply with regulations and aspire to safety best […]

Shane Carmody – Who is he?

Who is Shane Carmody, now installed as Acting CEO #casa??

In 2008, Shane Urqhart wrote a submission to the Lockhart River inquiry. He is very critical of #casa’s role in that disaster.

He says in part, that he had serious concerns in the following areas:

The behaviour of senior CASA officers in the RRAT Senate […]

Minister Truss and Aviation

Minister Truss and Aviation

On Saturday, Mr. Truss was at the Brisbane LNP Annual Conference, where these was a testimonial dinner given. Truss has overseen one of the most devastating falls in aviation small business across Australia.

This is not something to be proud of at all.

In fact, Truss supported McCormick for an ICAO […]

Skidmore resigns from #casa

Today Skidmore resigned from #casa as ceo.

Many #aviation participants will be thankful to see the end of another ineffective ceo.

The following is a copy of the Ben Sandilands post today:

In the last para, Ben makes the following points:

Mr Skidmore leaves CASA in disarray over such festering issues as the

Substandard […]

#casa fail in Colmar Brunton survey

There have been two very major audits if #aviation performance in Australia.

FAA/ICAO in 2008 Colmar Brunton [#colmarbrunton] in 2014 – 2016 CASA_stakeholder_relation_Action_Plan-20164 The 2016 report, reflects the desperate nature of relationships of the aviation participants and the regulator [#casa].

The 2008 FAA/ ICAO audit certainly showed this was the case and the regulator was […]

Concession by #casa as to stifling aviation

In The Australian today, there is a concession by #casa as to stifling aviation. This is a long time coming and follows the May 6th 2016 meeting at Tamworth organised by #aopa and then in Canberra in the meeting where the Minister left AOPA and RAAA to an un-minuted meeting.

The loss of pilot numbers […]

Update – #casa 10 commandments

There has been no reference since September 2015 to the “..10 – commandments…” released by #casa.

Industry gave a 2/10 score at the time and if we look at the current situation, there is no improvement.

In fact, if you want to talk to Mr. Skidmore, there is no return on phone calss to the […]

A turning point i#ozaviation occurs today – Mark the 12th April 2016 in your diaries

A turning point i#ozaviation occurs today – Mark the 12th April 2016 in your diaries

As we all know, aviation in Australia is in it’s death throes.

That said, there is a very serious attempt to keep the industry alive.

As an example of how frustrated industry has become with the regulator we can […]

Was #casa CEO Skidmore in Canada this week??

Was #casa CEO Skidmore in Canada this week??

A question I was asked a couple of days ago and on checking, #ICAO had a session as follows:


or was it for this one??

Question is: What was gained for the #ozaviation and what was the cost??


Support for #ozaviation rises and PM Turnbull must take notice and effect a solution

I attach the letter that Aviation Advertiser sent to the relevant Ministers. It deserves a read of it’s content against the direction aviation must take.

The move by #casa and it’s CEO to abandon his membership of #aopa should be seen for what it is – a massive dummy spit when he did not get […]

Battle looms with #casa over proper reform and #ozaviation regulation

Battle looms with #casa over proper reform and #ozaviation regulation

The need for proper reform in #ozaviation cannot be more in focus than at present.

14th April 2016 deadline by Dick Smith for a Federal Court action; 17th April 2016 for the meeting with Marc de Stoop with Minister Chester; 17th April 2016 for a […]

#casa ceo Mark Skidmore resigns as an #aopa member

#casa ceo Mark Skidmore resigns as an #aopa member

A letter to support the 16th April meeting with Minister Paul Fletcher, has #casa CEO, Mark Skidmore resigning form #aopa Australia.

The meeting is to finally place undeniable evidence before the Minister as to how #casa has failed to properly use good governance within the aviation […]

Talkfest in Wagga on 2nd March – Will questions be answered??

The latest by Skidmore and follows the Mildura and Townsville events. Moorabbin to follow.


Flight Plan 2030 forums Flight Plan 2030 – Townsville 25 February 2016 Flight Plan 2030 – Wagga Wagga 02 March 2016 Flight Plan 2030 – Melbourne 16 March 2016

They are still e-mailing people, so maybe not as popular as […]

AHIA monthly newsletter

Australian Helicopter Industry Association Limited

PO Box 462 Carina Qld 4152 Australia

Mob: 0415 641 774 E: robsrich@austhia.com

AHIA’s week that was – ending Sun 10 Jan ’16.

TO: Helicopter Industry.

Welcome to our first newsletter for 2016. It looks like a busy year for us all as we […]

Ministers fail to answer questions

On 12th September 2015, I wrote to Minister Jamie Briggs, given his capacity in small business administration, and finally got a reply today – not from Minister Briggs, but from Warren Truss’s office:


What a huge crock.

Not in one place does the Minister answer the questions.

Skidmore has been a complete disaster […]

2015 – #casa scores 2/10 for it’s 10-commandments

The past 12-months have seen more of the same, with a few beams of sunshine, but principally more “…rain on the parade…”.

It’s not easy for a bureaucracy to evolve and learn something from it’s mistakes.

Michael Connelly in “The Narrows”

Mark Skidmore has been a real disappointment, with the “Ten-Commandments” showing that […]

Adjusting the 2015 Annual Report

With few apologies!!


2015 Annual Report rehash by #casa

The actual 2015 #casa annual report released

Is #casa going forward under Skidmore??

Is #casa going forward under Skidmore??

The December monthly missive does not have much joy in a positive response to this assertion.

A reliance on more:

web based data; talk-fests; getting rid of the #ASRR matters

My view – more of the same, so it becomes essential to get together and #aopa’s Eureka project will […]

R22 mayhem caused by poor #casa investigations

Jack Pantovic got his day in court, with the AAT findings published on 18th December 2015.

[Update on 25th December 2015]

A casual conversation finds Jack [Jason Pantovic in the AAT] an R22 helicopter mustering pilot based just north of Mareeba, a bloke that works long hours and in a dangerous occupation.

The AAT […]

#casa December Monthly Missive

I went reading the #casa annual report and although #casa and Mark Skidmore trumpet how they have reached “…magic millions…” with their publications, the truth is somewhat different.


On #casa numbers, there are 35, 000 pilots [but the table below, when combined with the medicals – shown below], just do not add […]

Project Eureka

AOPA – Australia


MetaData access by #casa – Why does #casa need to spy??

This is “…casa here – we want to help you….”

#casa [see below] has been given authority by the Attorney General to use metadata.

For us, poor old computer non-geeks, metadata is:

Telephone numbers The time and length of phone calls The internet protocol addresses (IP addresses) of computers from which messages are received or […]

Is the main stream media taking a soft questioning role when #casa is involved??

A decent report into what is really going on in the aviation industry by the MSM [main stream media] is really required.

To accept a comment such as:

“……….fix regulatory changes that have upset sections of the industry………”

by Steve Creedy in Friday’s Australian is at best to belittle the strong protests throughout a combined […]

#casa and the Skidmore missive for November

Time to come to grips with the real situation with aviation.

Here is a submission to the current Colmar Button survey:

Reply to “Colmar Button” survey 25th November 2015

casa is not listening.

I have been to three recent meetings [with casa people], not only did casa have the information incorrect, casa are coming for […]

#casa fiddles while Rome burns

That #casa thinks they can deal with the 1800-page debacle called part 61 with the following “action”, not only is lamentable, but demonstrates a regulator out of touch with the aviation industry.

The part is so far wrong that it refers to “operators”, whereas the part is for pilot training. It uses almost In the […]

#casa fails to meet regulatory requirements of #ozaviation or the Australian Government

If you read the guidance document and the ten principles for Australian Government Policy Makers – #casa does not meet these at all.

#casa released it’s own 10-commandment set as well.

Question is, if that is the case, why has Minister Truss failed to stop the current situation and move #casa regulation forward to meet […]

Dick Smith speaks up on #adsb and unjustified costs imposed by #casa

That #casa will not co-operate with the #ozaviation industry is deplorable. Dick Smith again takes the matter to the #casa Board. I have seen the results of #casa’s “…industry consultation….”, which is just telling the aviation industry, not listening, helping and moving forward with common goals.

That the new #casa CEO will not involve himself […]

#casa releases 2015 annual report

No fanfare at all, no press release, no Peter Gibson “press release” and #casa releases 2015 annual report on it’s web-site only.

Signed off by the Board on 1st October 2015, to the Minister.

Nothing in Parliament either.

No question time questions either.

Read the Annual Report of #casa. [broken up below into the sections]