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AIRPORTS in Australia

The airports in Australia are under attack.

Essendon Airport with buildings impinging safety envelope [RHS]










Is your Airport one of these?

Goulburn YGLB In late 90’s, under attack with Goulburn Coiuncil changing to “operational land”, despite land deeded to Council by Poidiven family. Sale […]

Senator McDonald in Charters Towers

Senator McDonald is available for aviators to meet in Charters Towers to meet with FNQ aviators and GA personnel.

She has a busy schedule and cleared it to listen to matters relevant to us in the region.

In the past 6 hours, people have been contacted in Townsville, Ayr, Rockhampton, Innisfail, Mareeba, Charters Towers, Cloncurry, […]

The Carmody – #casa bastardy continues in August 2019

Australian Senate calls an inquiry into #atsb and Angel Flight. {report in The Australian}

Senator Patrick said submissions to the inquiry would be accepted and encouraged pilots and former clients of Angel Flight to do so.


Current report – August 2019:

Angel Flight had insufficient controls in place, and provided inadequate guidance to pilots […]

Bruce Rhoades and the ABC 730 report

This is compiled from from recent press clippings and reports.

Bruce Rhoades says: “…………………….I just can not allow this culture of CASA to go on, without speaking up very, very loudly against it………………”


Sydney Morning Herald Safety investigators face evidence allegations over crash probe By Adele Ferguson & Chris Gillett

29 October 2018 — […]

Minister McCormack has some serious work to undertake

Minister McCormack has some serious work to undertake.

Here are the resolutions arising from the #aviation meeting in Wagga over the past two days [see below].

There has been some well thought out ideas here, which can be boiled down into:

Review of the Civil Aviation Act, to include as a minimum, a repeal of […]

Wagga meeting today

I have been listening since 10am this morning to the experienced aviators in Wagga today.

Hopefully this will not be the result from the meeting!!.

I am the eternal optimist!

The programme is extensive displaying the depth of experience.

The drive by the AOPA Board to this end, started by the Dick Smith Oration […]

Last hurrah for Darren Chester

In what is the last hurrah for Darren Chester, there were a series of announcements as listed below.

1. Changes to #casa Board with a new member Jane McAloon and Anita Taylor reappointed.

2. Security in airports;

3. MH370 report release

There are around 40 odd press releases/ month and in 4-months only three on […]


Here is a puzzle for solution:

A series of posts on#pprune by poster “Man-the-Lifejackets”.

These are made by someone close to the matter and of course, the life-jackets were never sought by #atsb in the initial investigation by #atsb.

Lot’s of doubts about how #atsb investigated the #pelair ditching, the blame apportioned, the Chambers report […]

Malcolm Turnbull – A few pertinent #ozaviation questions

With apologies to AuntyPru, as this is a reminder as to how questions asked that lead to a similar end as the questions below never get answered by #casa. That #casa, #asa, #atsb refuse to have QON’s in on time shows the degree to which these organisations thumb their nose at proper governance by the […]

Pressure mounts on #asa with poor operating procedures #atsb?? involvement

Pressure mounts on #asa with poor operating procedures and what of #atsb?? involvement, much less #casa

That #asa cannot get anything right is no surprise, but that the matters are becoming public is a real change.

The Senators certainly on the 18th August 2015 have serious reservations as to how this “..public body…” is […]

Senate Committee mauls #asa, with Dick Smith giving aviation a future

Senate Committee mauls #asa, with Dick Smith giving aviation a future

The senators kept at #asa last night when trying to work out whether or not, #asa is competent to run a Government enterprise.

Jason Harefield, a 25-year veteran of #asa and acting CEO, after the demise of Margartet Staib was answering questions in […]

The phoenix, McCormick arises

The phoenix, McCormick arises

McCormick arises again, to protect his position, when in #casa. What occurred is now fortuitously explained, following McCormick’s hurried exit from #casa in 2014.

It certainly was not important enough in 2014 and before, for McCormick to draw the attention of the aviation industry to this dangerous and extremely poor situation […]

#ASA now refusing to answer questions by The Australian

#ASA now refusing to answer questions by The Australian

Questions, which are a proper part of the transference of information and cooperation that should exist in aviation. This cooperation must exist in order that a joint improvement is made to aviation, rather than one-sided approaches.

The Airservices media unit refused to provide any information or […]

VIPA has more to say in escalating war between users and providers

VIPA has more to say in escalating war between users and providers

The escalating row is continuing between #ASA and user groups, with the Virgin Pilot’s group the latest to weigh into the argument.

VIPA [Virgin Independ­ent Pilots Association], mounted a very carefully worded submission to David Forsyth’s ASRR, which was followed by support for […]

Airservices [#ASA] Angus Houston fires up “a discrepancy”

Airservices [#ASA] Angus Houston fires up “a discrepancy”

The blame game continues, when the “Quango’s” do not want to be caught out in what they say and what gives a truly effective and ultimately safe outcome for aviation.

The recent articles in the Australian take us to the long-term concerns of Dick Smith, which in […]

AOPA has new President and meets Skidmore

AOPA has new President and meets Skidmore

AOPA Australia hosted a talk-fest with Mark Skidmore, CASA CEO as one of the speakers. Attendees included longtime members Dick Smith and Bill Hamilton.

They were disappointed by the presentation as Skidmore said “…part 61 as presented by CASA is the leading part 61 exposition in the world […]

#PelAir Inquiry – reopened

#PelAir Inquiry

Re-opened 18th February 2015

This occurred on 18th February 2015 and is alongside the Supreme Court finding for Karen Casey. Karen is the flight nurse on the ill-fated PelAir flight, who has an action against PelAir for damages in the NSW Supreme Court.

27th February 2015 – Bernie Curall death


PelAir […]

Senate Estimates – May 2015

Senate Estimates – May 2015

The current advertised times as of 9th April 2015 are below:

Group A*: Monday, 25 May to Thursday, 28 May 2015 and, if required, Friday, 29 May 2015+

Environment and Communications Legislation Committee Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee Legal and Constitutional Affairs Legislation Committee Rural and Regional Affairs and […]

Minister Truss demonstrates lack of aviation knowledge #ozaviation

Minister Truss demonstrates lack of aviation knowledge

The disallowance motion on Part 145 is to be commended and is just the first part of the process to rid the industry of improper regulations and show the proper power of the Parliament/ Senate.

The effect of Parliament supporting was is showing up as a corrupt […]

The Karen Casey Story – ABC Four Corners+ #PelAir

The Karen Casey story by FourCorners and ABC:

This is a follow up to the September 2012 expose of the #pelair ditching off Norfolk Island that occurred in November 2009.The original inquiry has become one with serious deficiencies, to the point it has become shelfware and a new investigation ordered and re-commenced.

It is a […]

Connections of senior public servants and their masters

Connections of senior public servants and their masters

I pose the following for thought:

Martin Dolan got job at ATSB, despite having no more experience with aviation than “managing” the sale/ leasing of the secondary airports [Moorabbin, Bankstown, Camden, Archerfield, Jandakot]; Dolan undertook the work at the old Department of Transport [now Infrastructure under Mike […]

#PelAir Investigation re-opened

PelAir Investigation re-opened:

The pressure from the Senate inquiry, the Canadian TSB [summarised by Paul Phelan] has resulted in the re-opening of ATSB process [outlined below]. The Senate estimates of Tuesday 24th February 2015 reveal that the re-investigation will only involve ATSB personnel.

Heavy questioning by Senator Xenophon went to why only ATSB […]

Sad news of the death of Bernie Currall

Sad news of the death of Bernie Currall

Bernie Currall died on Friday 27th February 2015, just as a new investigation into the PelAir debacle has been restarted.

The process, which has been sought by those on the ill-fated flight from Samoa to Melbourne in a long wished result of the 2012 Senate Inquiry and […]

CASA and a presumption of innocence?? Quadrio six years later

CASA and a presumption of innocence?? Quadrio six years later

The article by Nicola Berkovic [below] bears some careful thought, not just as to “hate” issues, but in the normal running of government.

The statement below attributed to Tim Wilson should be viewed in the light of what CASA has been doing in cases […]

#MH370 – Current ATSB activity

#MH370 – Current ATSB activity

In the Australian Senate on 24th February 2015, there was a major update, with the transcript and actual hearing visuals below:


Senator BACK: Mr Foley, can you just give us a very brief update on […]

Senate Estimates and CASA/ Air Services

Senate Estimates and CASA/ Air Services/ MrDak

The 24th February 2015 senate estimates and hearings proved interesting last night. The senators certainly were not happy with a number of people, including the Head of Department, MrDak, CEO Airservices [ASA] Ms Staib and a number of others in answering or avoiding answering questions.

The corruption […]

What was behind the #PelAir accident

What was behind the #PelAir accident??

Karen Casey and David Helm are the human faces behind the PelAir ditching, where all six occupants of the Westwind jet on that dark 2009 November evening, ended up in the 2.5metres seas surrounding Norfolk Island. All the occupants, were “lucky” to be found by the observant Norfolk Island […]