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Overbearing dead hand at the wheel – #CA$A is killing vital industry

I think this clearly says it all.

We must immediately, as an industry, maintain order and deal with the immediate challenges, which is an #aviation industry creaking to a grinding halt, particularly in regional Australia.

#aviation is vital infrastructure, which must incorporate a plan that protects airfields and landing areas from local Council onslaught and […]

Wagga meeting today

I have been listening since 10am this morning to the experienced aviators in Wagga today.

Hopefully this will not be the result from the meeting!!.

I am the eternal optimist!

The programme is extensive displaying the depth of experience.

The drive by the AOPA Board to this end, started by the Dick Smith Oration […]

#mh370 and #pelair insurance issues surface

The #pelair and #mh370 insurance have some similarities, as with the earlier Lockhart River where slow or devious payments occur with operators [and insurers] trying to limit liability.

Karen Casey has been appealed in the supreme court in NSW during November 2016.

No outcome until February 2017 [8 1/4 years later].

The #mh370 issue […]

Request for Tender – PelAir Norfolk Island Ditching Request June 2015

Request for Tender – PelAir Norfolk Island Ditching Request June 2015

On 14th June 2015, ATSB let a RFT [Request for Tender], which has a return date of 7th July 2015. The work has to be completed between August 2015 and the end of 2015.

This finally sees the recovery of the CVR and FDA […]

#CASA, #PelAir and the #ATSB

#CASA, #PelAir and the #ATSB

Blatant disregard of ATSB by CASA

With the loss of Bernie Curall on 27th February 2015, a history lesson needs to made as to the Lockhart River tragedy.

Recent research shows that there are still unanswered questions surrounding the crash and untold issues leading up to the May […]

#PelAir Investigation re-opened

PelAir Investigation re-opened:

The pressure from the Senate inquiry, the Canadian TSB [summarised by Paul Phelan] has resulted in the re-opening of ATSB process [outlined below]. The Senate estimates of Tuesday 24th February 2015 reveal that the re-investigation will only involve ATSB personnel.

Heavy questioning by Senator Xenophon went to why only ATSB […]

Sad news of the death of Bernie Currall

Sad news of the death of Bernie Currall

Bernie Currall died on Friday 27th February 2015, just as a new investigation into the PelAir debacle has been restarted.

The process, which has been sought by those on the ill-fated flight from Samoa to Melbourne in a long wished result of the 2012 Senate Inquiry and […]

Senate Estimates – The actual hearing 24th February 2015

Senate Estimates – The actual hearing 24th February 2015

With help from the PAIN Group, posted here to the YouTube link is the broken up complete look at the 24th February 2015 estimates.

Worth a read and watch of the obvious body language of the participants.

The full link to other Senate […]

Sandilands calls for a finish to the PelAir mess

Sandilands calls for a finish to the PelAir mess

Sandilands has a range of other articles and is to be congratulated on his following the case.

Ben Sandilands | Feb 17, 2015 8:49AM

1. Did Australia mislead ICAO over the Pel-Air crash?

2. Sketchy-pel-air-crash-investigation-raises-uncomfortable-questions-for-deputy-pm/

Pel-Air flight recorder to be recovered, if possible Ben Sandilands […]

PelAir action has a reserved decision

The Supreme Court in Sydney today [6th February 2015], with Judge Monica Schmidt in Courtroom 9D, resulted in a “finding reserved” at 11.45PM on Friday.

The PelAir ditching, the first jet ditching in the world, where all survived in November 2009, seriously injured the Flight nurse, Karen Casey and the treating Doctor, David Helm. All […]

Top Tweets for #pelair – Not a good look for Minister Truss

Top Tweets for #pelair.

Results for #pelair

robbo – R44 ‏@flyingoz 8h8 hours ago

Senator @Nick_Xenophon queries political donations by regional airline Rex | The Australian #pelair @SenatorNash http://www.theaustralian.com.au/business/aviation/senator-xenophon-queries-political-donations-by-regional-airline-rex/story-e6frg95x-1227191355007?sv=4e02b61a731652a898b89b55be072234#.VMAa4VNytKk.twitter …

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#PAIN Senate […]

MH370 independent review by Brock McKeon

MH370 independent review – paper

The independent report, published by Brock McKeon, has not recieved much traction yet, except by Ben Sandilands. Ben says that there are serious questions to be asked, a point that Ben has made for a lengthy period of time.

Many others have questioned the direction that the aircraft took […]

Gympie Coroners Report released today

Gympie Coroners Report released today, and the report is as follows:

Coroners Inquiry – Gympie Replica Supermarine Accident

In part, Coroner said about the Supermarine accident at Gympie:


It is clear that CASA had investigated Mr O’Sullivan prior to the inquest in relation to his provision of false information for other aircraft, but […]

ATSB reports not identifying CASA’s surveillance as a contributing safety factor when it is identified in the analysis as deficient

The following demonstrates the real underlying issue in ATSB investigations, when CASA has failed to properly surveil the operator, leading to an operational issue. Further, ATSB is not issuing the “safety factor” on the regulator. Surely, this leaves both CASA and ATSB in breach of CAAct 9A(1)

REPCON Mode Aviation Reference No. AR201400079 Date reported […]

Interest in the Senate Inquiries – the score – 1, 557, 381 views and 6, 364 posts

Interest in the Senate Inquiries – the score – 1, 557, 381 views and 6, 364 posts Published: 28th December 2014

The Senate AAI hearings, operating under the RRAT Committee, with the following who are members [see below], include Senators Glenn Sterle, Bill Heffernan, Nick Xenophon, Fiona Nash.

The current interest, in people who […]

Helicopters, ATSB, CASA and wire strikes

There have been numerous incidents over the past years – including.

Parkes; atsb – wirestrikes_20050055

An article in Thompsons [produced below] from 2007 gives some views as to the effects of these types of accidents:

Helicopter crashes report delayed

The Aust Transport Safety Bureau (ATSB) is still working on a report into wirestrikes – incidents […]

PelAir finally reaches a review with ATSB of the badly investigated accident

PelAir finally reaches a review with ATSB, of the badly investigated accident, following:

Senate Inquiry – Starts October 2014, finishes February 2013

[Government Response to the PelAir Senate Inquiry [March 20th 2014]

Also See: PelAir Senate Inquiry

Senate Motion – Contempt – July 2014 [Senator Xenophon puts “Contempt of parliament” for consideration]

Canadian Review of […]

MH370 setback in search

The following was published today regarding the MH370 setback in search in the Australian.


Technical setback in MH370 search AAP December 17, 2014 10:59PM

A technical issue could set back the planned finish date for work in the main search zone for MH370. Source: AAP

A TECHNICAL problem could set back […]

Address by Jonathon Aleck – November 2014

Address by Jonathon Aleck – November 2014, which goes to the matter of ‘trust’.

The industry is clear – it does not trust the regulator.

The ASRR report by David Forsyth and the many submissions could not be clearer – No trust in the regulator and also the safety investigator.

There is no mention […]

History, CASA and ATSB on a slow news day!!

History takes us to a number of places.

The comment by Ben Sandilands deserves a further read.

3rd May 2012, 17:07 #1 (permalink) Up-into-the-air Join Date: May 2010 Location: More than 300km from SY, Australia Posts: 737 What does casa do???? Quote: From Section 9 of the CAA

CASA also has the following safety-related functions:


Who is Mr Martin Dolan??

Who is Mr Martin Dolan?? and where has he been.

This is the man who will answer questions, but not from “Tendentious bloggers”!! [‘…writing calculated to promote a particular cause or viewpoint – having an underlying pupose…’]

There is a report by Ben Snadilands which indicates that Dolan is about to be “…asked to leave […]

Albanese reply to Truss/ MrDak ASRR response

The following is from Hansard as the reply by Albanese to the Truss ASRR release. Mr. Albanese does not “get-it”, with the concentration of the ex-minister being on local “noise”.

The industry response is instructive and the highlights below.

Mr ALBANESE (Grayndler) (09:20): Can I begin by saying that it is good to […]

Can MH370 be found? What of the ATSB and CASA involvement?

Is ATSB the correct organisation to find and lead the search?

Certainly the SAR [Search and Rescue] is the responsibility of the ATSB thorough the enabling legislation. However, to look at the record of ATSB in recent times, gives another impression, with the ATSB refusing / or unwilling to lift the CVD in the relatively […]

Cairns to Canberra anti-corruption caravan to attend Senate Estimates.

I found the [following post on pprune] just now.

It is something that requires full support and I understand the “caravan” should make it to Canberra just in time to make the Senate Estimates public hearings on 20th October 2014.

The caravn certainly makes some incisive comments about matters that must be fixed.


11th […]

AMROBA scores the Government on Aviation progress

AMROBA scores the Government on Aviation progress after 12 months since election.

We all know aviation is a delicate subject, but it has been subject to three reviews in past 18-months, which all point to a failing system, yet the recently resigned DAS [McCormick] in his last gasp [monthly missive] to the industry again tries […]

Wind Turbines in Australia – The Goulburn Experience

A local report [22nd August 2014] is as follows:


Release: Wind Turbines – What effects do they really have??

At a protest meeting in Goulburn NSW, over 40 people turned out on a typical spring day in cool and mild weather. The protest was at the same time local member, Prue Goward [Minister […]

Truss announces MH370 survey deep water contractor – Fugro

Warren Truss announced this morning [6th August 2014] Fugro Survey was nominated, together with the Chinese and Malaysian Navy being also involved. These organisations have mapped the sea floor, which will be used in the towed sonar search. [Previous statement]

Contract is to search for and to map a located debris field.

Fugro are using […]

PelAir Inquiry raised in Senate – Who has revealed Senate secrets??

At the PelAir inquiry, the Senate made serious warnings that any “get even” with those who gave information or submissions to the Inquiry. It seems from the Xenophon statement to the Senate today [10th June 2014] someone has breached that understanding.

The actual Xenophon statement to the Senate:

Senate and Nick Xenophon places a matter […]

MH370 + Christine Negroni – The Australian Connection

The latest post by Christine Negroni has just come out:


Flying Lessons Will Knowing Where MH 370 Ran out of Fuel Help Searchers Find It?Posted: 24 Jun 2014 10:58 PM PDT

Writing from Canberra — How many times can investigators slice and dice the electronic back and forth between the missing Malaysia Flight 370 […]

ASRR submission breakup – Why the large number of confidential submissions??

A look at the submissions to the ASRR, show that a large number of people [over 31% one in three] did not want their material made public.

One can very confidently assume that these people are concerned about retribution by the regulator. This was a feature of the Senate AAI review as well, where this […]