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Do other #aviation Investigators direct the regulator?

Do other #aviation Investigators direct the regulator? is a reasonable question.

This is particularly after the REX loss of propeller incident last week and the #Mildura incident – almost four years ago [when two 737 aircraft ended up at Mildura due to incorrect data being fed to the weather provider and the lack of information […]

SAAB propeller found by police – Over to #casa

Propeller found according to The Australian.


Missing REX propeller that sheared off plane mid-flight found in bushland Rex Airlines propeller found in Revesby Heights The Australian 3:32PM March 21, 2017 Save Emily Ritchie Journalist Sydney@emilyritchie94

A propeller that sheared off a Regional Express plane bound for Sydney mid-flight late last week […]

Will #casa properly investigate the #airservices input into this incident??

The REX SAAB which lost a propeller at 00:46 UTC on a flight from YMAY to YSSY according to Flightradar24, went some 40NM north of YSSY before landing on 16R.

A PAN call from a professional crew stating that the aircraft had lost a propeller and there is a diversion by ATC over inhospitable tiger […]

February 2017 #casa missive – toned down version??

Is this a toned down version following the previous, but no, more #adsb spin. Remember this is shifting #airservices expenditure requirements to the private sector, with few if any improvement to costs of GA in particular.

Dick Smith tells us that air services are not using the adsb system because staff are not yet trained. […]

One Nation, #aviation policy and James Ashby

One Nation, #aviation policy and James Ashby deserves some investigation as the industry approaches a critical point in it’s future.

The numbers in the Australian Senate are critical and the way #casa has upset so many people, many of whom have become One Nation supporters, deserves quick scrutiny.

Dick Smith was one of the […]

Have the Truss undertakings of October 2013 been met?? History repeats again

The attached is the Creedy [Now mouthpiece for Air Services] version of the Truss “SafeSkies” conference in October 2013.

ASRR – expected end 2013.

Result: Not until well into 2014 and being dismantled by #casa

Board changes: Yes and done

Result: #casa is resisting requirements

ICC reports to #casa Board with more resources

Result: #casa […]

2016 review in brief – Abysmal #casa, #atsb, #asa performance

2016 saw a large number of changes in #aviation, but little to give hope for the future where we can #saveGA.

Some of the #aviation highlights/ lowlights are below, which lead to a very low score for the 2016 year.

Over 480 #aviation people turn up to protest issues to DPM Joyce and Minister Chester […]

#airservices face new inquiry – #casa next??

The last two senates estimates hearings have put serious pressure on #casa, #airservices and #atsb.

There appears to be some sort of death wish of the leader via departmental head Mrdak and the individual semi autonomous government organisations.

The recent ANAO inquiry into #airservices certainly canned their method of “doing business”.

Yet Harefield in […]

Canary in the Aviation Industry [Coal mine]

Have been on a short destiny with the FLU fairies of recent weeks!

Sunbird Seeker:

BUT given that found that the Seabird Seeker has achieved FAA Part 23 Normal Category Certified, Available for Commercial Operations.

The sad part is manufacture will be by Erickson Aircrane in the US, not at Harvey Bay. The new owners […]

Actual involvement of #casa, #BOM and #AirServices in failing to properly update the weather changes in a timely and safe manner in #Mildura

Still no report from either #pelAir or #mildura [#atsb said at the time: “…The final report is anticipated for release to the public by June 2014.”] as to what really happened [Incident – 18th June 2013].

The question is:

“How can two aircraft not be notified of serious changes in the weather and visibility at […]

Malcolm Turnbull – A few pertinent #ozaviation questions

With apologies to AuntyPru, as this is a reminder as to how questions asked that lead to a similar end as the questions below never get answered by #casa. That #casa, #asa, #atsb refuse to have QON’s in on time shows the degree to which these organisations thumb their nose at proper governance by the […]

Has #casa met the terms of the Audit Office review??

Casa and surveillance – Aviation Safety Compliance Follow-up Audit by Australian National Audit Office in 2002.

The actual reports are here:

ANAO – 1999 00_audit_report_19 CASA Audit

ANAO report_66 CASA Audit 2001

ANAO – 2010 11_audit_report_13 CASA + Safety Implementation

2010-11 Audit Report No14

2010-11 Audit Report No 39 ASIC Cards

There is a previous […]

Serious occurrences into Tullarmarine, Mt. Hotham and Newcastle

Serious occurrences into Tullarmarine and Mt. Hotham

The series of incidents into Melbourne’s Tullamarine airport, which largely revolve around a difficult to fly STAR route are detailed below and should be combined with the report by The Australian into another Mt. Hotham incident.

Also below is the Sandilands – Newcastle coal loader incident.

ADSB […]

#aopa’s Marc de Stoop questions #casa

#aopa’s Marc de Stoop questions #casa

That Marc is asking who is making these regulations, is interesting, as is questioning the proper qualifications.

Read Marc’s letter to #casa here.

This is an issue that I have long had with #casa, where people are given a job on “casa requirements”, and not proper aviation qualifications.

There […]

Performance of #asa – Senate questions Angus Houston

The review by the Australian senate resumed, with Angus Houston being grilled by the Senators on 9th September 2015. [see below]. The previous hearing on 18th August 2015 raised some serious issues for #asa.


The original 18th September 2015 [Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee_2015_08_18_3712] Hansard.

Submissions to the 18th August 2015 […]

Is #casa correct or does #ozaviation have real numbers??

Is #casa correct or does #ozaviation have real numbers??

The letter written to #casa by #aopa queried the real cost of the RIS [Regulatory Impact statement], which Marc de Stoop has real information, wheras #casa “…believes….”.

AOPA Australia has been silent on a range of issues in #ozaviation, but with Marc de Stoop, is starting […]

Senate and #asa board Angus Houston

The hearing into #asa continued on 8th September 2015, with the Senators seeking answers to a series of issues that could well be defined at corruption.

Dick Smith and a corresponding group of articles in The Australian exposed serious safety issues in the #asa portfolio, particularly in Tasmania, with aircraft disappearing from radar screens.



Effect of #ozaviation on the community seen in Tasmania

Effect of #ozaviation on the community seen in Tasmania

Finally, there is a growing realisation of the impact of aviation and the factors of “…getting it wrong….”. There is a concern by Tourism Tasmania that people might be concerned about effects on numbers visiting Tasmania.

Imagine if there was another incident which involved loss of […]

“Nothing to see here” – #asa, #atsb, #icao

“Nothing to see here” – #asa

That #asa would take the view that a failure of the radar and say that the reversion to “voice seperation” is astounding. Remember #MH370, where the only remaining reliable remaining data is that provided by radar.

This demonstrates that #asa has no idea about how to properly use the […]

RAAA support opening up competition to #asa

RAAA support opening up competition to #asa

There is a growing noise of the problems of #asa. This situation has followed the Senate expose on 18th August 2015.

The RAAA [see below] gives a further push to serious changes to management of Australian airspace.

The RAAA fully supports Maurice Newman, the federal government’s most senior […]

Data collection of incidents – A major event to follow??

Data collection of incidents – A major event to follow??


is #atsb reporting all the airspace data from Tasmania??

is #atsb reporting all the airspace data from Tasmania??

A quick search of the database from #atsb, shows that there were only 5 airspace matters reported in the past 5-years from Tasmania.

The search was based on:

Date range: From 25 Jul 2010 to 24 Jul 2015 Location: TAS Occurrence Category: Incident, Serious Incident Occurrence […]

Pressure mounts on #asa with poor operating procedures #atsb?? involvement

Pressure mounts on #asa with poor operating procedures and what of #atsb?? involvement, much less #casa

That #asa cannot get anything right is no surprise, but that the matters are becoming public is a real change.

The Senators certainly on the 18th August 2015 have serious reservations as to how this “..public body…” is […]

Dick Smith exposes correspondence with #casa

Dick Smith exposes correspondence with #casa

The truth behind correspondence between operators and #casa is evident from this foray into “snail-mail” by Dick Smith. All operators, pilots and owners have had correspondence like this, where Boyd “….thanks Dick…..”:

Your assistance in helping to share this message is greatly appreciated, along with CASA’s thanks to everyone […]

#casa, the regulations and waste of taxpayer dollars

#casa, the regulations and waste of taxpayer dollars

The aviation community has been strongly resisting the improper use of the regulatory reform process, which is to the point of almost regulating #GA, #ozaviation out of existence.

The waste of money (over $250m in a 25 year period + further $89.9m 2010-2014), with what is worse, […]

Sandy Reith applauds Dick Smith on Senate presentation

Sandy Reith applauds Dick Smith on Senate presentation

Sandy Reith has been a voice for change for a number of years and his response to Dick Smith is below:

Re: Dick in the Senate…. my response, an open letter

Dick on the record does a great service to GA. It behoves all of us to […]

Senate Committee mauls #asa, with Dick Smith giving aviation a future

Senate Committee mauls #asa, with Dick Smith giving aviation a future

The senators kept at #asa last night when trying to work out whether or not, #asa is competent to run a Government enterprise.

Jason Harefield, a 25-year veteran of #asa and acting CEO, after the demise of Margartet Staib was answering questions in […]

Senate – Performance of Airservices Australia

The hearing for this is on 18th August 2015 and the submissions are as follows:

Dick Smith; Mr. Bennett [ret. Air Services]

Air Services documents:

Letter from Hood; QON from November #asa session with the Committee

Watch this live on this link


Performance of Airservices Australia


Tuesday 18 August 2015, Committee Room […]

AirServices [#ASA] misses the point of good navigation

AirServices [#ASA] misses the point of good navigation

There has been little or no consultation with GA on the removal of NDB’s, which are securely attached to a concrete block, the ground and cannot move. The NDB is the basic building block of good navigation and must be retained.

Dick Smith has been advocating these […]

Sandy Reith comments on decline of GA being caused by regulator – #CASA

Sandy Reith comments on decline of GA being caused by regulator – #CASA

“Situation normal, this is just a tip of iceberg story.”

The decline of General Aviation is due to the dysfunctional and self serving bureaucratic systems of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (#CASA) and Airservices Australia [#asa].

The rot set in when, many […]