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Has #casa improved since McCormick left Fort Fumble??

That is a serious question to be asked.

The May 2013 Estimates hearing is instructive [see below for Hansard extract] and as is now known, there was a seriously improper relationship between McCormick and the ICC. This relationship did not let proper investigation of complaints move forward and as a result, there are many […]

AOPA to meet with #casa on Class 2 AVMED issues

Good to see public progress of the #aopa case on serious and much needed changes to the AVMED system, which will assist a lot of pilots.

Among those present, there is no direct relationship with either the upper ranks of #casa nor the #avmed section either.

Hope they have a meeting with Carmody and Chester […]

North Queensland Aero Club – Mareeba Opening

On Saturday morning, Tom Gilmore [Mareeba Shire Mayor] opened the North Queensland Aeroclub premises, following it’s transfer from Cairns to Mareeba late in 2015.

Over 200 people came to the Open Day, which was attended by AOPA Australia, Mareeba Model Aero Club, other industry people and a large array of people interested in aviation. It […]

Battle looms with #casa over proper reform and #ozaviation regulation

Battle looms with #casa over proper reform and #ozaviation regulation

The need for proper reform in #ozaviation cannot be more in focus than at present.

14th April 2016 deadline by Dick Smith for a Federal Court action; 17th April 2016 for the meeting with Marc de Stoop with Minister Chester; 17th April 2016 for a […]

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AOPA – Australia


#aopa – Marc de Stoop speaks

#aopa – Marc de Stoop speaks


AOPA re-engages with Industry – AOPA Safety Seminar August 16, 2014

I had an interesting interview with aaron.stephenson@aopa.com.au this week, having been a member of AOPA until around 2001, but disappointed with AOPA taking money from CASA for advertising and “safety seminars”, so I left as a member.

Aaron tells me that there have been major changes afoot and these are certainly welcomed.

Problem is AOPA […]

AOPA finally get’s a public face – Where have you been in the past AOPA??

AOPA Australia has finally hit the “air-waves” with the following article in The Australian this morning.

It is a pity that they have not been on the front foot as the organisation used to be in the late ’90s and early 2000’s leading the industry and getting some very appropriate changes.

The most recent was […]