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An old report reminds us of the Annex 13 requirements ASRR report due soon

An old report reminds us of the Annex 13 requirements and maybe reminds us of the ATSB reports and the errors exposed by “interested parties” in getting the actual answers.

Unfortunately there are too many since Whyalla, where ATSB has some serious answers to give:

Whyalla Lockhart River Benalla Canley Vale Norfolk Island

for a […]

MrDak – Pink Batts and what did really happen??

The role of Mike Mrdak in the CASA/ ATSB wrangle over PelAir was an interesting Senate watch, together with the effect of his obvious advice on Dolan [ATSB] and McCormick [CASA]

I have collected some current articles to demonstrate just how this bureaucrat has acted in the “pink batts” matter, before going to the Infrastructure […]

Avgas impost 1st July 2010 – Minor transitional compliance and administration costs are expected from this rate change

I know this is “old ” data, but it goes to the $89.9m increase in the avgas/ avtur fuel excise by CASA on the industry, but it was/ is a 25% impost, without any prior notice on industry and on reading the data, has no finish point, being able to potentially just “roll-on”.

Date of […]

$89.9m is explained by Departmental head, Mrdak as “nessesary”

Make up your own mind, from the graph of BITRE below:


and the 2010-2011 summary provided:


CASA’s budgeted liabilities of $40.1m in 2010-11 represent an increase of $0.6m from the 2009-10 estimated closing position. The increase is primarily generated by employee provisions. CASA’s primary liability continues to be accrued employee salary […]

Senator Xenophon and PelAir – Why did Albanese not reply to the Senate??

The following has just been released in a readable form:

Senate debates Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Adjournment 7:44 pm

Aviation Transport Safety Bureau

Nick Xenophon (SA, Independent) Share this | Link to this | Hansard source

I would like to speak tonight on an incredibly seriously issue that goes to the heart of […]

Senate Reply to PelAir

The latest is the ATSB referring it’s “Operation” to the TSB of Canada for a report.

This happened on 24th July 2013 in the Board meeting, that according to Dolan’s reply to the Senate was his response to the PelAir inquiry.


31st August 2013 Still no update on when a response to the senate […]