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Lord Howe Island accident

The recent Lord Howe Island accident was reported today in The Australian.

There are now three accidents/ incident’s that can be partially attributed to poor passing on of weather to pilots and aircraft in transit and variably poor Air Traffic control and likely interference by #casa.

Pelair – November 2009; Mildura – July 2013; Parallells […]

MrDak abandons #aviation industry

MrDak abandons #aviation industry and there were a few whimpers going on:

Judicial Inquiry for #casa becomes LNP Queensland policy

MrDak blasts away in the press – maybe in light of the press statement by the Minister below there is a reason for the vitriol

History shows the way – with previous Minister Truss failures


#casa KPI’s have no means of measurement

I followed through onto the #casa web site to look at the recently [July, 2017] released corporate plan.

In reading the document, with it’s key section, the measurement of performance, come to the distinct conclusion that #casa must not continue as there is no measurable metric that is given.

From KlipFolio, a metric, in measurement […]

Positive #aviation medical changes in the US

The following article is from AOPA Pilot – US Volume 60 of April 2017 and shows the real progress made by a positive approach to medical reform, with thanks to AOPA -US of which I am a member.

Will we have the same in Australian #aviation ?

aopa-us medical changes 2017


November 18th marks eighth year of #pelair problems

On November 18th 2009, and a Westwind became a short term floating wreck at Norfolk Island.

In 3-metre seas, in a dark part of the Pacific Ocean, six individuals combined to survive a ditching as the jet had run out of fuel and despite a number of attempts to land at the Norfolk Island strip, […]

CVDA update

I attache the following from John O’Brien and also pass along my thoughts and best wishes to Arthur, who I first met over 20-years ago. As you say John, his enthusiasm is infectious. CVDPA Update Latest CVDPA update sent to members and supporters this week… Colour Vision Update – March 2016

Quote: Dear Friends […]

Pilot’s Bill of Rights passes Senate

This is a significant reform and improves the medical process, reducing compliance costs and giving a better “Right-to-Fly” to:

American Pilots!!

This is reform #casa and this is the type of way forward, where the aviation community would work with the regulator rather than the current #avmed fiasco.


Senate committee passes medical reform December […]

2015 Steadfast Outback Air Race has raised in excess of $560,000 for #RFDS

RFDS Air Race results:

Record breaking fundraising total of $560,000! Peter Kneale – Sat, 05/09/2015 – 18:57 We are very excited to announce that the 2015 Steadfast Outback Air Race has raised in excess of $560,000 for the Royal Flying Doctor Service. Our Treasurer, Stuart Payne, announced the figure to racers and guest at the […]

Outback Air Race supports #rfds

Perth to Hamilton Island in an air race, which supports the #RFDS [Royal Flying Doctor Service] between 27th August and 4th September 2015 calls on all of us who travel at all west of Emerald, Gympie, Albury, Ballarat and other places to the west to support the event.

#pprune misses the opportunity to give any […]

The phoenix, McCormick arises

The phoenix, McCormick arises

McCormick arises again, to protect his position, when in #casa. What occurred is now fortuitously explained, following McCormick’s hurried exit from #casa in 2014.

It certainly was not important enough in 2014 and before, for McCormick to draw the attention of the aviation industry to this dangerous and extremely poor situation […]

Airservices union #ASA seek to reduce safety concerns of Dick Smith

Air-services union #ASA seek to reduce safety concerns of Dick Smith

The improvement of basic safety does not seem to be in the realm of the #ASA union – CivilAir. That the union has this type of view does not auger well for future relationships, particularly when the attitude over ADS-B is brought into the […]

Request for Tender – PelAir Norfolk Island Ditching Request June 2015

Request for Tender – PelAir Norfolk Island Ditching Request June 2015

On 14th June 2015, ATSB let a RFT [Request for Tender], which has a return date of 7th July 2015. The work has to be completed between August 2015 and the end of 2015.

This finally sees the recovery of the CVR and FDA […]

#PelAir Inquiry – reopened

#PelAir Inquiry

Re-opened 18th February 2015

This occurred on 18th February 2015 and is alongside the Supreme Court finding for Karen Casey. Karen is the flight nurse on the ill-fated PelAir flight, who has an action against PelAir for damages in the NSW Supreme Court.

27th February 2015 – Bernie Curall death


PelAir […]

2015 changes to DAME Handbook

2015 changes to DAME Handbook

The problem of CASR part 61 continues, with unknown changes to Class 2 medicals and the private pilot caught in an ever widening web by CASA, as well as it’s focus group of commercial pilots [CPL]

The so-called use of evidence based medicine is horrific, as CASA Aeromed can over […]

#CASA, #PelAir and the #ATSB

#CASA, #PelAir and the #ATSB

Blatant disregard of ATSB by CASA

With the loss of Bernie Curall on 27th February 2015, a history lesson needs to made as to the Lockhart River tragedy.

Recent research shows that there are still unanswered questions surrounding the crash and untold issues leading up to the May […]

Andrew Wilkie 12.04 ABC-24 3rd March 2015 + John Sharp

Andrew Wilkie 12.04 ABC-24 3rd March 2015

John Sharp walks through the background [Pamela Phillips] during the interview.

Why was John Sharp at Parliament House??

and Who is John Sharp??


John Sharp is as follows:

The Hon. John Sharp Deputy Chairman & Independent Director

The Honourable John Sharp, originally from a farming […]

The Karen Casey Story – ABC Four Corners+ #PelAir

The Karen Casey story by FourCorners and ABC:

This is a follow up to the September 2012 expose of the #pelair ditching off Norfolk Island that occurred in November 2009.The original inquiry has become one with serious deficiencies, to the point it has become shelfware and a new investigation ordered and re-commenced.

It is a […]

#PelAir Investigation re-opened

PelAir Investigation re-opened:

The pressure from the Senate inquiry, the Canadian TSB [summarised by Paul Phelan] has resulted in the re-opening of ATSB process [outlined below]. The Senate estimates of Tuesday 24th February 2015 reveal that the re-investigation will only involve ATSB personnel.

Heavy questioning by Senator Xenophon went to why only ATSB […]

Sad news of the death of Bernie Currall

Sad news of the death of Bernie Currall

Bernie Currall died on Friday 27th February 2015, just as a new investigation into the PelAir debacle has been restarted.

The process, which has been sought by those on the ill-fated flight from Samoa to Melbourne in a long wished result of the 2012 Senate Inquiry and […]

Senate Estimates – The actual hearing 24th February 2015

Senate Estimates – The actual hearing 24th February 2015

With help from the PAIN Group, posted here to the YouTube link is the broken up complete look at the 24th February 2015 estimates.

Worth a read and watch of the obvious body language of the participants.

The full link to other Senate […]

Airservices and the Senate

Having looked and followed carefully the answers given by Ms Staib on Tuesday 24th February 2015, I have serious questions about the way Airservices is conducting it’s ‘business’ [monopoly provider] for the aviation industry.

The ASA non-use of a safety case before the ASA Board approved of a move of Adelaide Approach to Melbourne is […]

CASA loses the CVD case

CASA loses the CVD case – John O’Brien wins!!

A good win for the industry, following up on the Angel Flight withdrawal by CASA.

Problem is, we have seen withdrawal before, but CASA finds another loop-hole to have a further go at the industry.


From the CVDA site: John O’Brien wins AAT challenge […]

Kharon has new site – pprune romance over!!

Kharon has new site – pprune romance over!!

The pprune romance seems to have ended for Kharon – quite a few stories abound about posts being removed, threads being “locked” with no good reason or no-reason given by pprune.

Some of the “Kharon pprune posts are on this site.

The removal of threads and posts […]

Questions arise about REX and politics

Questions arise about REX and politics

The Anthony Klan article certainly is an expose on the matter of apparent interference with the political process in Australia. This type of behaviour may explain why CASA is so keen to work on being an “Un-model Litigant”.

Is there some connections in this as regards to the:

Aero-medical […]

DAME newsletters and Pooshan spin

DAME newsletters

The following was written by Pooshan Navarthe and is a good example of how theis is spun to show that CASA does not “lose” in the AAT over AVMAED matters. The full newsletters are below.

Not true of course.


DAME newsletter April 2012

DAME Newsletter – September 2012


Is the aviation industry well served by it’s regulator and investigator in Australia

Is the aviation industry well served by it’s regulator and investigator?? in Australia.

The current review by David Forsyth [ASRR] certainly does not support this view and raises 37 recommendations as to how [and why] things should be fixed.

This is a long term direction for aviation.

The interference being run directly by the Department […]

Terry calls the tune at CASA after the McComick departure.

The current monthly missive from CASA, which is fast on the heels of the departing McCormick, is by his “partner in crime”, Terry Farquarson.

Yes, Terry, the world has not fallen in, but the trust of the industry falls further.

You have the new ‘screamer” in the Angel Flight matter.

And in the Courier Mail, […]

Truss can’t direct CASA

I have seen reasons to be angry and this is it. Minister Truss says he can’t direct CASA.

This is a huge nonsense. Mr. Truss you have been told by the Senate, the Forsyth review and numerous other representations, by the industry as how CASA must be taken in hand and properly cleaned up.

Mr. […]

Aging Aircraft and Aging People

The following turned up in todays Australian – on-line and is worth a read!!



A blokes’ guide to growing old gracefully MATTHEW PARRIS The Times September 12, 2014 12:00AM

As Richard Gere demonstrates, a good haircut can help. Source: Getty Images

LIZARD or toad? For a man past […]

CVD Press Release and letter to Minister

CVD Press Release and letter to Minister:



Media Release: 3 September, 2014.


In a formal Submission to Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development Warren Truss, the Virgin Independent Pilots Association (VIPA) claims the Civil Aviation Safety […]