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Coglan strikes again – Bad #casa witness in Quadrio affair

Coglan strikes again – The #casa witness in Quadrio affair, who gave, on his own statement, false statements about John Quadrio.

A similar situation occurred with Jack Pantovic last December 2015, when accusations were made that led to an AAT hearing in Cairns.

John lost his flying licence on this basis and #casa has […]

Rule of Law and the Model Litigant

In today’s Australian, there is a most pertinent letter to the editor, about the players of the Essendon Football Club being denied natural justice in the findings released last week.

It bears some thought as to how Jack [Jason] Pantovic was treated by #casa and the #aat in the judgement released on 18th December 2015 […]

CASA’s March Missive

CASA’s March Missive

I address these comments to you Mr. Skidmore.

In the March missive, you say:

“………. in 2014 we refused 102 applications out of 25,855 and in the second half of the year there were 13 official complaints…….” This is around 13% of the refusals Mr. Skidmore and doubtless, many phoned the organisation […]

Questions arise about REX and politics

Questions arise about REX and politics

The Anthony Klan article certainly is an expose on the matter of apparent interference with the political process in Australia. This type of behaviour may explain why CASA is so keen to work on being an “Un-model Litigant”.

Is there some connections in this as regards to the:

Aero-medical […]

Bartsch makes conflicted aviation statement

Bartsch makes conflicted aviation statement

Today [30th December 2014], Ron Bartsch made a statement on Nine News, which made comment in a role as an “…aviation consultant…” making comment on an aircraft entering the water in a stall.

As Bartsch is now a member of the AAT [Administrative Appeals Tribunal], comments such as this must […]

The AAT and the new broom – Ekinci case and Mr. Bartsch – Should Mr. Bartsch stand aside??

The following AAT case between CASA and Reha Ekinci has some interesting “bumps” and reveals some long standing issues between the two parties.

The following cases refer to the AAT judgements.

Ekinci and Ors and Civil Aviation Safety Authority [2014] AATA 424 (27 June 2014)

Ekinci and Ors and Civil Aviation Safety Authority [2014] AATA […]

Quadrio case misquoted by the AAT

There was an AAT hearing against a “Rhea Ekinci”, who is well known to many people.

The case quotes the Quadrio matter:

6th Jul 2014, 16:30 #95 (permalink) Up-into-the-air Join Date: May 2010 Location: More than 300km from SY, Australia Posts: 674 What a crock the aat is The Quadrio case gets another hit in […]