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#casa noise and the March missive

Reading the attached March missive shows just how disengaged #casa are from the #aviation industry.

The issues that really concern us are not even canvassed eg. the #ASRR implementation.

Mo monthly updates, just consign the #ASRR to the waste paper bucket, as in the #casa annual report, where no KPI’s were used to justify how […]

#atsb preliminary report into B200 Essendon crash released

#atsb preliminary report into B200 Essendon crash released today.

SMH report below.

A lot of work yet to determine the causal links in this accident.

Earlier reprot on Essendon accident

March 29 2017 – 3:37PM No engine failure on Essendon crash plane before impact: investigators

Tom Cowie Both engines on a light plane […]

#casa expectations by Minister Chester demonstrates his lack of #aviation knowledge

The Ministers “direction to the #casa Board is a joke and demonstrates his complete lack of understanding for #aviation.

The Statement of Expectations for the Board of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority for the Period 27 March 2017 to 30 June 2019 is attached below.

This statement has:

Has no KPIs; No deadlines; No specifics […]

February 2017 #casa missive – toned down version??

Is this a toned down version following the previous, but no, more #adsb spin. Remember this is shifting #airservices expenditure requirements to the private sector, with few if any improvement to costs of GA in particular.

Dick Smith tells us that air services are not using the adsb system because staff are not yet trained. […]

Senate estimates 27th February 2017

This estimates should be interesting to watch. In particular, the Carmody performance – doubtless question dodging at 4.45PM.

4.45–5.15 pm 7. Civil Aviation Safety Authority 5.15–5.45 pm 8. Aviation and Airports Division 5.45–6.15 pm 9. Airservices Australia

AGENDA MONDAY 27 FEBRUARY 2017 *Interstate based agencies Infrastructure and Regional Development Portfolio Department of Infrastructure and Regional […]

Atherton Aero Club monthly meeting

Pilot losses mount in Australia, which puts pressure on the provision of aviation services in the “bush” in particular to very remote areas.

A recent phone call to Charleville reveals there is only one charter operator west of Toowoomba. This situation extends into northern NSW as well.

All is not well for #aviation and we […]

Have the Truss undertakings of October 2013 been met?? History repeats again

The attached is the Creedy [Now mouthpiece for Air Services] version of the Truss “SafeSkies” conference in October 2013.

ASRR – expected end 2013.

Result: Not until well into 2014 and being dismantled by #casa

Board changes: Yes and done

Result: #casa is resisting requirements

ICC reports to #casa Board with more resources

Result: #casa […]

2016 review in brief – Abysmal #casa, #atsb, #asa performance

2016 saw a large number of changes in #aviation, but little to give hope for the future where we can #saveGA.

Some of the #aviation highlights/ lowlights are below, which lead to a very low score for the 2016 year.

Over 480 #aviation people turn up to protest issues to DPM Joyce and Minister Chester […]

#casa makes another loss in 2016 of over $6.7m

Two years in a row and #casa were given (for four years only) an increase of around $25m per year in 2010.

In the 2010 budget, some $89.9m over the next 4 years from a temporary increase in excise, which still has not been removed.

Mark Skidmore and John McCormick failed on that as well […]

Canary in the Aviation Industry [Coal mine]

Have been on a short destiny with the FLU fairies of recent weeks!

Sunbird Seeker:

BUT given that found that the Seabird Seeker has achieved FAA Part 23 Normal Category Certified, Available for Commercial Operations.

The sad part is manufacture will be by Erickson Aircrane in the US, not at Harvey Bay. The new owners […]

#casa and economic control of the aircraft industry

In 2012, the issue of casa and economic control of the aircraft industry was raised. Much of the concern, which was exposed by the Forsyth review [#asrr] completed by May 2013, which demonstrated that the regulator was not at all respected by the Australian aviation community.

The lack of trust continues today, as the new […]

Does the #casa Corporate plan meet the #asrr review?

Does the #casa Corporate plan meet the #asrr review?

The “Corporate Plan” that was released last week, by #casa, needs some careful and insightful review.

Viewed with the #casa demand of the industry for another $25m via the “fees poor-box”, in March 2015, the Corporate Plan can only be viewed as another #casa attempt to […]

#casa loses the plot on the proposed CAAP

#casa loses the plot on the proposed CAAP I would have thought that “compulsory sworn statements” (coroner’s report, and the following comment) are more likely, and correctly, within the purview of properly convened court proceedings. For the record [Thanks auntypru.com] the only publicly available document from the Kathryn Sheppard inquest was the Coroner’s recommendations: […]

RAAA support opening up competition to #asa

RAAA support opening up competition to #asa

There is a growing noise of the problems of #asa. This situation has followed the Senate expose on 18th August 2015.

The RAAA [see below] gives a further push to serious changes to management of Australian airspace.

The RAAA fully supports Maurice Newman, the federal government’s most senior […]

September Missive released by #casa

September Missive released by #casa

What a shocker and this man [Mark Skidmore] wants the industry to co-operate.

Examples of problems:

Damage accrues to aviation in Australia due to #casa ASRR not met by #casa More pain with #casa corporate plan Unknowing users not protected by #casa – #pelair; Pilots have no protection from a […]

More pain for Australian aviation with release of #casa corporate plan

More pain for Australian aviation with release of #casa corporate plan.

and what of the full relationship with the ASRR report?? Does not match up at all.

A plan signed off by Alan Hawkes, with no proper direction to the industry as to proper interaction. There is no committment for the new Board that […]

Pressure mounts on #asa with poor operating procedures #atsb?? involvement

Pressure mounts on #asa with poor operating procedures and what of #atsb?? involvement, much less #casa

That #asa cannot get anything right is no surprise, but that the matters are becoming public is a real change.

The Senators certainly on the 18th August 2015 have serious reservations as to how this “..public body…” is […]

Dick Smith exposes correspondence with #casa

Dick Smith exposes correspondence with #casa

The truth behind correspondence between operators and #casa is evident from this foray into “snail-mail” by Dick Smith. All operators, pilots and owners have had correspondence like this, where Boyd “….thanks Dick…..”:

Your assistance in helping to share this message is greatly appreciated, along with CASA’s thanks to everyone […]

#casa, the regulations and waste of taxpayer dollars

#casa, the regulations and waste of taxpayer dollars

The aviation community has been strongly resisting the improper use of the regulatory reform process, which is to the point of almost regulating #GA, #ozaviation out of existence.

The waste of money (over $250m in a 25 year period + further $89.9m 2010-2014), with what is worse, […]

AirServices [#ASA] misses the point of good navigation

AirServices [#ASA] misses the point of good navigation

There has been little or no consultation with GA on the removal of NDB’s, which are securely attached to a concrete block, the ground and cannot move. The NDB is the basic building block of good navigation and must be retained.

Dick Smith has been advocating these […]

AirServices – #ASA CEO – Staib gone

AirServices – #ASA CEO gone

The CEO has been under extreme pressure for the past month and the announcement today signals that the “flak” was too great.

I witnessed Ms Staib being grilled by the Senate estimates committee and in the harsh light of day and who was not faring well at all.

There have […]

Dick Smith nails #CASA industry “embuggerance” –

Dick Smith nails #CASA industry “embuggerance”

That #CASA is causing the aviation industry serious excess costs due to a misplaced regulatory change is well known by the industry.

The David Forsyth #ASRR inquiry certainly focused on where #CASA and #ATSB were going wrong in his report and that there needed to be major changes.

In […]

Airservices union #ASA seek to reduce safety concerns of Dick Smith

Air-services union #ASA seek to reduce safety concerns of Dick Smith

The improvement of basic safety does not seem to be in the realm of the #ASA union – CivilAir. That the union has this type of view does not auger well for future relationships, particularly when the attitude over ADS-B is brought into the […]

CASA’s Terry Farquartson to leave

CASA’s Terry Farquartson to leave

Confirmed by Mark Skidmore at May estimates, TF is to finally depart CASA on 5th July 2015.

It will be interesting to see who is “groomed” as next in line to TF and whether there will be proper succession and any improvement over what has become a “…tolling of the […]

Windfarms and aviation

Windfarms and aviation

What pprune is saying this week. This thread was locked down as likewise three previous threads raising serious issues about windfarms and the inherent aviation dangers of these structures.

20th May 2015, 11:06 #1 (permalink) Stikybeke Join Date: Aug 2006 Location: Close Posts: 213 Windfarms 3 I see that the current Select […]

CASA budget 2015 – What is revealed??

CASA budget 2015 – What is revealed??

The 2015-2016 budget papers have some serious hidden implications for aviation, with a continuation of the excise on avtur and avgas, an impost that on CASA figures [see budget papers below], that impacts aviation into the next four years by over $100m.

The impost is now into it’s […]

Wind Turbine Hearings

Wind Turbine Hearings

These were carried out over the past 24 hours, with a number of very interesting submissions made, which often demonstrate the limited nature and depth of the approval process. There are obvious vested interests represented.

There were a number of international submissions, particularly on physics – which advance the understanding of […]

QON – Senate Estimates – February 2015

The next Senate Estimates is due later this month – Wednesday 27th and Thursday, 28 May 2015, with a full programme yet to be formulated.

QON – Senate February 2015 – Documents:


Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Legislation Committee_2015_02_24_3248.pdf;








Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development […]

Part 61 and the aviation industry – Skidmore undertakings

Part 61 and the aviation industry – Skidmore undertakings

The following has been released by the AHIA yesterday and demonstrates the problems of part 61 and it’s implementation.

That there has not been a retraction [which would be a proper committment by Skidmore to a direct alignment with industry] by CASA and Skidmore, shows the […]

Former CASA Board chair, Dick Smith speaks on unsubstantiated aviation costs

Skidmore and Dick Smith communications:

The following was posted on pprune today, which leads to questions as to “…respect for industry …” that Mark Skidmore claimed would be the hallmark of his term.

Instead, the reply, as Dick Smith eloquently points out is “……more of the same from CASA……”

The industry cannot move […]