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Sully, #pelair #atsb and #casa

I watched Sully twice since last week and the crew were outstanding in their responses and having 155 souls saved. On a cold January 15, 2009, US Airways Flight 1549 (AWE1549) Airbus A320-214 flight from La Guardia NY to Charlotte NC.

From the time of the bird-strike to the decision to land in the Hudson and the realisation that neither Teterboro or La Guardia were viable options only 32 – 35 seconds elapsed for a series of checks, attempted re-starts and a likely decision.

Even though the first officer had just come back from a simulator course on the aircraft [A320] and was “full bottle”, there was no other course of action.

I have read the NTSB report and there are recommendations that still have not been put into practice.

These involve the life-jackets, slides and the life-rafts.

There is a similar situation in the #pelair ditching, which occurred in November 2009. The #atsb never found the life-jackets, even though there were reports of malfunctions and at Norfolk Island, the Westwind jet came to rest in a black November night, with 3-metre waves.

The following shows the jet route after the double engine failure at 2800FT AGL and possible return routes to La Guardia or Teterboro.

Not much of a choice!!


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CVR recording

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