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Starting point for new CASA governance? Where to from here

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Possible starting point for new CAsA governance?

It has probably been covered but the following needs to be included in the body of any charter, wording, statement or framework made by CAsA or the Government.
As follows:

· CAsA accepts the responsibility to act in a manner that is equal in fairness, quality and ethics in nature across all aspects of the aviation industry
· CAsA accepts full accountability for the decisions, actions, policies, procedures and regulations it implements, introduces and mandates
· CAsA accepts accountability for the actions of all its employees including inspectorate, management and administration staff
· CAsA accepts both its moral and legal obligation to use taxpayer funding in a responsible, transparent and fair manner
· CAsA accepts that the outcomes of internal/external investigations, audits, reviews and discussions into its activities be published publicly for the purpose of transparency and accountability
· CAsA accepts the commitment to honour judicial recommendations by courts or law and/or coroners courts in all matters
· CAsA accepts that it will honour recommendations that are produced from senate or other government inquiries, commissions or reports into its activities. CAsA also commits to responding in full to all questions, queries or request in a manner that is timely and transparent, and accepts to do so within a 30 day timeframe at maximum
· CAsA accepts the formation of an independent ICC consisting of non CAsA employees or persons connected to the CAsA by way of consultancy or paid services.
· CAsA accepts the decisions made by the AAT and agrees that it will not expend taxpayer funds fighting fair and equitable decisions made during the AAT process. CAsA further accepts that it will pay compensation to any person/individual who is inconvenienced, unduly treated, falsely accused or found innocent of false, non existent, incorrect or malicious charges
· CAsA accepts its obligation to be a good corporate citizen by standardising process, policies and procedures network wide to ensure consistency and fairness across all sectors of the aviation industry

It is absolute time that cronyism, payback, bullying or unjustifiable actions be removed from the authority once and for all. I am sure others with a more legal/statutory background have more to add or changes to make to the above, but you get my drift. No more excessive power, no more thumbing of the nose at industry and the government itself, no more misuse of taxpayer money for the sole purpose of payback and revenge. NO MORE HIDING FROM AND AVOIDING ACCOUNATBILTY. ACCOUNTABILTY HAS TO BE INTRODUCED INTO THIS ORGANISATION AT ALL LEVELS FOR ALL EMPLOYEES.

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Here is an interesting view on CASA


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