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Skidmore finds his way to the CASA web page – eventually!!


Skidmore finds his way to the CASA web page – eventually!!

Clicked on the “CASA Director” tab this afternoon [19th January 2015] and all I found was:

The Page [NoSuchPage] is not defined in this application, please check the URL.

Then a few minutes later get the BIO shown below.

Question here is:

On reading the “bio”, there is no mention of forward plans, relationship to the aviation industry and no press release to say Mark is here to place a definitive change in place.

The lateness of the “Government response” to the ASRR is not a good sign for where the industry has to go in the future.

The change is long overdue and must be started now. The main stream press have remained away from asking this question and frank questions and answers are needed Mr. Skidmore, or the aviation future is bleak.

The ASRR matter, the “pre-Skidmore” response by CASA needs some serious upgrading to ensure that it is not a matter of “The King is dead”, “Long live the King”.

Further, the non-concillatory attitude of CASA must cease immediately for any worthwhile changes to be made to the regulatory mess. This was made abundantly clear in the submissions to the ASRR.

The questions and answers to this are needed and needed promptly.

The relationship and transparency of the relationship with the CASA Board needs to be scrutinised.

There are serious questions with this relationship, given the letter to Phil Hurst’s AAAA and his reply to Minister Truss. The AAAA experience with Alan Hawkes is not isolated and this reporter, has evidence of threats being made to aviation individuals which


The Director of Aviation Safety

Mark Skidmore AM


Mr Mark Skidmore AM was appointed as Director of Aviation Safety on 1 January 2015.

Mark has more than 30 years’ experience in both civilian and military aviation and brings considerable aviation industry experience to the position of Director of Aviation Safety.

Mark had an outstanding military aviation career, beginning as a pilot in the Royal Australian Air Force in the early 1980s. He led RAAF research and development squadrons and was promoted to Australia’s Air Commander, holding oversight for Australia’s air operations, and reaching the rank of Air Vice Marshal before retiring in 2012. Mark has also worked in civilian aviation as a test pilot, business development manager and company director. He has led large teams of operational, technical and administrative support staff providing leadership for operational, training and support functions.

In 2010 Mark was appointed as Member of the Order of Australia in recognition of his exceptional service as the Air Commander Australia and in a range of other senior appointments. Today Mark is part of the general aviation community, owning and regularly flying a Globe GC-1B Swift.

Mark Skidmore career highlights

2013 – Aviation consultant

2013 – Director Flight Operations Raytheon Australia

2001 – 2012 – Royal Australian Air Force – from 2008 Air Commander Australia; previously, Joint Force Air Component Commander, Director of the Coalition Combined Air Operations Centre in the Middle East Area of Operations, Director Operational Requirements New Air Combat Capability and Commander Aircraft Research and Development Unit

1998 – 1999 – Senior Test Pilot and Business Development Executive Raytheon Australia

1981 – 1997 – Royal Australian Air Force – pilot and test pilot


CASA Board

Board role

The CASA Board is appointed by the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development.

The Board is responsible for deciding the objectives, strategies and policies to be followed by CASA and for ensuring that CASA performs its functions in a proper, efficient and effective manner.

Board members

  • Dr Allan Hawke AC – Chair
  • Mr Jeff Boyd – Deputy Chair
  • Mr Trevor Danos AM
  • Ms Anita Taylor
  • Mr Ian Smith AM
  • Mr Murray Warfield
  • Mr Mark Skidmore AM – The Director of Aviation Safety

CASA Board Contact

CASA Board Secretariat Brian Calder
PO Box 2005


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