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SIDS for Cessna’s – #casa changes direction

SIDS for Cessna’s – #casa changes direction – or does it??

Remember there is no US-FAR’s based SID’s






Cessna 100 series aircraft owners have an extra two years to complete the special structural inspection program developed by Cessna.

The extension applies to the Supplemental Inspection Document – or SIDs – requirements for Cessna 100 series aircraft used in private operations.

The SIDs inspection program of these aircraft must now be completed by 30 June 2018.

The extension is subject to a number of conditions designed to ensure continuing safety of flight and progressive compliance with the SIDs requirements.

The Civil Aviation Safety Authority has agreed to the extension after consultation with the aviation community, including the chief engineers of a number of maintenance organisations.

CASA’s Director of Aviation Safety, Mark Skidmore, said the extension will make it easier for aircraft owners and maintainers to plan and complete the important structural inspections.

“We have listened to feedback from both owners and maintainers about the need for extra time to complete SIDs on Cessna 100 series aircraft in private operations.” Mr Skidmore said.

“Both owners and maintainers said the original deadline of 30 June 2016 was causing problems such as a backlog of work and ordering replacement components.

“The extra two years for SIDs completion will allow Cessna 100 series aircraft owners and maintainers to plan to spread out the work and the costs over a longer period with no unacceptable risks to safety.

“This initiative by CASA is an example of our commitment to work with the aviation community to get outcomes that balance safety and operational requirements.”

Cessna 100 series aircraft SIDs must begin at the next annual/100 hourly inspection after 30 June 2016 and a compliance plan must be submitted to CASA as revised log book statement.

Aircraft principle structural elements must be inspected by a licensed engineer to ensure a satisfactory level of structural integrity is apparent in the airframe.  This inspection either needs to have been done at the most recent periodic/100 hourly inspection or before 30 June 2016.  If not completed by 30 June 2016 an inspection will be required before further flight after that date.

Read the Cessna 100 series instrument.

Pictures are available of corrosion and defects already found on Cessna 100 series aircraft.

SIDs inspections were developed jointly by Cessna and the United States Federal Aviation Administration due to concerns relating to potential corrosion and fatigue damage to principal structural elements of the ageing aircraft.

In many cases these components, which are critical to the airworthiness of the aircraft, have not been adequately inspected since the aircraft was manufactured many decades ago.

The SIDs program, which complements existing scheduled maintenance, requires the additional detailed inspection of a range of critical structures including wing spars, wing attachment points, wing struts attachments as well as horizontal and vertical stabiliser attachment points.

Media contact: Peter Gibson                0419 296 446                peter.gibson@casa.gov.au

22 June 2016                                                                                                                MR4916

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