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Shane Carmody – Who is he?

Who is Shane Carmody, now installed as Acting CEO #casa??

In 2008, Shane Urqhart wrote a submission to the Lockhart River inquiry. He is very critical of #casa’s role in that disaster.

He says in part, that he had serious concerns in the following areas:

The behaviour of senior CASA officers in the RRAT Senate Estimates hearings.
• The evidence around this issue is all contained the Hansard transcripts of the RRAT Estimates Committee hearing, including those of this year. As member of the committee, I feel you would already have access and knowledge here.
• The transcripts clearly demonstrate the belligerence and evasiveness of the CASA officers who appear. It is a disgrace that senior public servants cannot give straight and simple answers to questions about the field in which they are supposed to be experts. I believe it is a glaring example of the quality of these people.
• Specifically, Mr Shane Carmody has been questioned about CASA’s role in the LHR Inquest, and from my research, has demonstrated a misleading of the Estimates Committee. In the hearing of 19 February 2008, Mr Carmody is asked about a number of aspects about CASA :

  1. That there was an explicit instruction from CASA for a sustained attack on the ATSB report. Denied by Mr Carmody but referred to by Coroner Barnes in his findings;
  2. Mr Carmody says that at the end of the day, CASA’s view was the same as the Coroner. There is no evidence of that!
  3. Mr Carmody avers that CASA put forward a view that scenario b was the likely cause of the accident and that was also what the Coroner said. NO HE DID NOT! (Ref: Coroners findings ps53/54.
    I have several more examples and references related to Mr Carmody’s statements.

Statement by Carmody, which shows he is part of the #casa problem.

Another ex-military person = #skidmore

Mr Carmody joined the APS in 1989 after a 15 year career as an Army Officer, where he served in various Australian and overseas locations.

On AMSAR Board [Make up your own mind about this one!!] Doesn’t gel with the above views at all:

Mr Shane Carmody

Mr Shane Carmody

Mr Shane Carmody is Deputy Secretary, Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, a position he has held since April 2016.  Mr Carmody’s responsibilities include the Office of Transport Security, Aviation and Airports, Local Government and Territories and the Western Sydney Unit.  Mr Carmody was appointed to the Australian Maritime Safety Authority (AMSA) Board in May 2016.

Mr Carmody has extensive experience at senior levels in the Australian Public Service.  His roles have included Deputy Secretary/Chief Operating Officer (COO) at the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA), Deputy Secretary Intelligence and Security and Deputy Secretary Strategy in the Department of Defence, Deputy CEO of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA), and Deputy President of the Repatriation Commission. He has significant policy, regulatory and business management experience.

Mr Carmody joined the APS in 1989 after a 15 year career as an Army Officer, where he served in various Australian and overseas locations.

Mr Carmody studied Bahasa Indonesia at Gadjah Mada University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia.  He has a BA from the University of Queensland, an MBA from Monash University and is a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors.

To speak at RAAA conference in October 2016, with speaker 13 to be #skidmore

August 1, 2008

Rotorcraft Report: Safety Inspection Teams “Sweep” Northern Australia


Australian regulators in late June launched a first-ever, month-long review of the safety of helicopter and other operations in the northern part of that country.

Two teams of Civil Aviation Safety Authority inspectors, investigators and safety advisors planned to carry out safety checks on pilots and engineers (or mechanics) as well as aircraft and maintenance operations at more than 60 locations in North and Northwest Queensland, the Northern Territory and Western Australia’s Kimberly region. CASA officials said the teams also would offer safety advice and education during the “safety sweep.”

“CASA regularly carries out targeted surveillance of specific areas or operations, but we have never mounted this type of exercise across such a wide region,” said acting CASA CEO Shane Carmody.

He said Northern Australia “has unique aviation challenges, such as distance and physical conditions, and this means a different approach is needed to make sure safety rules are being followed and safety advice and education can be delivered.”


5 comments to Shane Carmody – Who is he?

  • Concerned Aviator

    To quote “SUNFISH” of pprune fame:

    Even me, Sunfish, passed as a credible public servant for Two years, and I was initiating, handing out, and managing Government grant money in the hundreds of thousands. All you do is follow the written procedures to the letter!

    This very issue is at the core of my disbelief in the incompetence of CASA when I first heard of it – multiple interpretations of the regulations by sundry CASA staff, capriciously applied. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! There is no room for “nuance”, “art”, or “divination” in the application of bureaucratic principles. To allow such nonsense is what causes the capriciousness and maybe corruption within CASA!

    There needs to be simple rules like the FAA set which anyone with the basic training of a common policeman, pilot or engineer can safely interpret and apply. Public service is not rocket science!

    Of course at Ministerial level it is a different game – Sir Humphrey does exist, and there is a need for highly trained generalists to design policies and systems but for the folk in the trenches, they should be following simple procedures and instructions.

    Designed by genius for execution by idiots as the saying goes.
    Sunfish is offline

  • Concerned Aviator

    Further Sunfish comments [pprune fame]:

    As I’ve said ad nauseam before, any restructuring of CASA needs to go hand in hand with amendment to the Act. The amendments should require CASA to take account of the health of the aviation sect (jobs, investment and growth). The regulation and enforcement sides need to be separated, etc., etc. The FAA rule set, education, non punitive enforcement and all that other stuff on the wish list then naturally falls out of the amendment of the Act.

    Such an event requires the direct involvement of Department of PM & C in drafting and oversight, otherwise the intentions will be perverted by the usual culprits.

    A new DAS can then go in with a mandate for change and, assisted by a small team from PM&C and perhaps a respected overseas expert, can start the necessary, bloody and stressful (for everyone, especially CASA employees) process of cutting up and reassembling the bits of CASA. This will involve the departure of most of the senior executives, reassessment of what is left, the muzzling of the lawyers, etc., etc.

    Of course if a new DAS joins CASA without a mandate from the Minister backed by Cabinet to do this, well, they deserve what they are going to get and it won’t be pleasant, as Stalb and Skidmore have found out.

    Restructure is not a job for the fainthearted and unless you are a narcissist you are going to find it painful to have to terminate careers, etc. A Fifty something who is what is termed “A hard hearted empath” is what is required in this role.

  • Concerned Aviator

    From a post by AROA in pprune:

    Decide for yourself if you think Carmody is right for the job.

    When allegations were made of serious criminality by CAsA persons to Bryon, passed to Mc Comic and gang the protective upshot was …”that an external Investigator be brought in, to make it fairer for the staff etc” And at great expense to the taxpayer.
    McComic having decided that the current ICC’s finding that they should be dealt with by the AFP was inadequate !!

    Mr Carmody was signatory to the Brief for the Investigator that asked to determine only if the CAsA persons had breached the ‘code of conduct’
    A get out of jail free card for the perps… since CAsA’s code has NO provisions in it regarding criminality. How good is that.
    He found the all did …and should be dealt with by the AFP.!

    So Carmody’s credential is …Turd Polisher ie BAD

    When asked to give the reasons why the change was made to code from crim, under the Admin Decisions Act or whatever its called these days, his response was a Fcuk off in bureaucratic jargon, I dont have to tell you..

    So much for the Code requiring ethical, moral and fair dealing standards, and not wasting taxpayers dollars.

    What a sick joke the place is.

    Pity JA never got the gig… he’d be able to spend another 20 years there picking the discrepant wording out of the regs.

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