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Senator Fawcett grills ATSB head – Dolan

The Senate estimates makes interesting listening tonight [26th May 2014], with Senator Fawcett grilling Martin Dolan of the ATSB.

Senator Fawcett sheeted the funding issues and the up-coming loss of 12 staff in the ATSB to Albanese on more than one occasion – the new Government is keeping to the responsible people. the ATSB says it has asked for special funding to support the redundancies.

The Canadian TSB report provided fertile ground for questions:

Draft report due late May;

Final report due at end of June;

The Canadian TSB is supposed to have produced the TOR[ terms of Reference];

Report will be published as a Canadian TSB report on their web-site;

No approach was made to the Senate committee.

There is much more and the reading of the Hansard will prove interesting and the QON [Questions on Notice], particularly those of Senator Xenophon.


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