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Please get your pen out and put in a submission

Steve Hitchen relates this to a change in Minister and the rejuvenated Barnaby Joyce

– Steve Hitchen

Does the general aviation community have that much inquiry fatigue that they can’t find it in themselves to engage with the current senate inquiry? Or, are we dealing with a level of apathy generated by the impacts of the pandemic; impacts that have deprived the inquiry of energy?

Senator Susan McDonald issued a plea this week for the GA community to get their submissions in, a plea which has some merit given the recent experience at Moorabbin Airport where operators have been lumbered with a series of business-destroying master plans because almost no-one bothered to comment on them.

This is now solid proof that a lack of engagement with consultation demonstrates a lack of interest that is all the incentive politicians need to rubber stamp the plans and move on to something else. The senate GA inquiry will suffer the same fate if the community demonstrates the same levels of apathy, which looks like the paradigm right now.

If GA can engage more, we may be able to take advantage of an opportunity that has opened up: a change of minister. The GA inquiry is self-referred, which means no-one in the government is obliged to even so much as respond to it.

The word around Canberra is that a healthy, supported inquiry would get more traction with Barnaby Joyce than it would have with Michael McCormack.

However, if the senate presents a half-arsed, wishy-washy report drawn from the voices of only a passionate few, I suspect not even BJ himself will take a lot of notice.

The GA community needs to get over it’s apathy infection and engage in numbers to show Canberra that it is prepared to be involved in its own future.

The Senate entry point is: https://www.aph.gov.au/Parliamentary_Business/Committees/Senate/Rural_and_Regional_Affairs_and_Transport/CovidAviation/Public_Hearings


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