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2000 – ACAS

The following is a comment about how CASA operates – given this is the year 2000!!

General comments on the activities of casa in fumbling

Note by Senators to 2000 ACAS inquiry:



The Committee wishes to comment on the apparent unwillingness of CASA staff, in seeking to justify the actions of CASA, to provide this Committee with accurate and timely information. The Committee is particularly concerned that on some occasions, CASA staff demonstrated more of a concern to perpetuate earlier misleading or incomplete information than to facilitate the Committee’s inquiry.

The Committee initially sought information from CASA on the administration of ARCAS through the Estimates process. In many instances, the responses from CASA staff were subsequently proved to be incomplete. In other instances, the response of CASA staff was simply to take all questions on notice. Responses to questions taken on notice taken by CASA were in many instances not provided by the requested date.

As noted in this report, prior to the hearing on 1 September 2000, CASA officials invested a great deal of time and energy in a reassesment of the Noble Report, and the actions of Mr McKenzie and Mr Hoy.

As stated in CASA’s written submission:

While not questioning the validity of the concerns which prompted Senator O’Brien to seek further information on this matter, the significant diversion of CASA resources which has been necessary to provide the Committee with the evidence to demonstrate the proper use of the Authority’s procedures and delegations and the propriety of the delegate’s decision making has an impact on the officers involved.

The Committee questions whether more frank responses to questions raised in Estimates would not have reduced the effort to which CASA and this Committee was subsequently put, and have made the conduct of this inquiry significantly easier.