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Industry group calls for Senate Inquiry

Posted by:  Posted date: November 29, 2011 | comment : 3

A group of industry identities has launched a petition to the Senate, seeking its support for a statement of no confidence in the current Director and senior management of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority.

Readers who have contacted Aviation Advertiser say the move has been prompted by recent CASA decisions affecting a number of separate individuals and companies over a considerable period, and that their petition complies with Senate requirements including protection of the identities of signatories while also establishing their individuality by providing an email address. The petition can be viewed at http://www.gopetition.com/petitions/no-confidence-in-casa.html.

Petitioners cite “serious concerns that the oversight of aviation operational safety, regulatory reform, incident investigation, immediate and subsequent enforcement actions, their impact on the well being of the industry and the cost of these actions are a public and legal embarrassment to the Government and industry domestically and internationally.

“Petitioners believe that current mismanagement is producing negative safety outcomes, detrimental to the concept of ‘just culture’; inhibiting the industry from freely, and in concert with the ‘Authority’, developing superior outcome based safety management, compliance and enforcement protocols.”

In language that seeks broad terms of reference, they have requested that the Senate initiate “a transparent judicial inquiry  supported by independent aviation industry experts, into the actions of the CASA, which resulted in proceedings against companies and individuals from industry.”

They also ask that “the Senate request and require the inquiring body to accept, consider and investigate evidence provided under statutory declaration from interested parties under terms of reference to be decided by the Senate Estimates Committee, allowing for wide consultation with, and submissions from industry as part of the due process.”


In the past 12 months, there has been serious concerns raised by Senator Nick Xenophon, which resulted in a reference made to the Senate committees system on 13th September 2012.

Thursday, 13 September 2012
Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee; Reference
All Senate debates on 13 Sep 2012
11:55 am
Hansard source

I move [Sen. Xenophon]:
That the following matters be referred to the Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport References Committee for inquiry and report by 29 November 2012:
(a) the findings of the Australian Transport Safety Bureau into the ditching of VH-NGA Westwind II, operated by Pel-Air Aviation Pty Ltd, in the ocean near Norfolk Island airport on 18 November 2009;
(b) the nature of, and protocols involved in, communications between agencies and directly interested parties in an aviation accident investigation and the reporting process;
(c) the mechanisms in place to ensure recommendations from aviation accident investigations are implemented in a timely manner; and
(d) any related matters.
Question agreed to.