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Senate Estimates and CASA/ Air Services

Senate Estimates and CASA/ Air Services/ MrDak

The 24th February 2015 senate estimates and hearings proved interesting last night. The senators certainly were not happy with a number of people, including the Head of Department, MrDak, CEO Airservices [ASA] Ms Staib and a number of others in answering or avoiding answering questions.

The corruption issues that are starting to appear in ASA matters is of concern, together with the failure to clearly answer questions or be prepared to answer known issues that would arise.

That Ms Staib would not properly answer or avoided answers last night. This was particularly noticeable in reference to a number of matters:

  • Unregistered vehicle fatalities [3] in Darwin;
  • ComCare is to sue ASA over the accident to recover costs;
  • Loss of aircraft on ground in their computer system in a thunderstorm in Melbourne;
  • 3HR loss of separation between Essendon and Tullamarine airports due communication failure;
  • Port Headland contractor financial failure and non-payment of subcontractors;
  • Failure to develop a safety case prior to Board approval for transfer Adelaide ops to Melbourne centre;
  • Effect of these costs on all users of the system by increasing the access/ usage costs per flight;

The net effect of ASA is to increase operating costs of third parties without their knowledge due to complete ineffectiveness of the organisation.

MrDak had serious questions to answer over Bankstown including:

  • Contaminated fill;
  • Unlawful duping;
  • Infill of the Georges River flood plain, which is likely to increase flooding;
  • Failure to meet NSW Planning requirements.

An interesting aside was the sidelining of Mike MrDak by the Senators in refusing of him to answer questions about/ for ASA. he was reminded that ASA stands on their own and is a monopoly and reports to the Minister. The Minister’s November 2014 letter to the editor in the Courier Mail needs a re-visit in this matter.

Martin Dolan continued his avoidance of questions as well to Senator Xenophon regarding PelAir.


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