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Sandy Reith comments on decline of GA being caused by regulator – #CASA

Sandy Reith comments on decline of GA being caused by regulator – #CASA

“Situation normal, this is just a tip of iceberg story.”

The decline of General Aviation is due to the dysfunctional and self serving bureaucratic systems of the Civil Aviation Safety Authority (#CASA) and Airservices Australia [#asa].

The rot set in when, many years ago, the Commonwealth decided to distance itself from potential problems by creating these separate statutory ‘government’ business units. It was thought that the Government would also save taxpayer money by instituting ‘user pays’.

This abrogation of Ministerial responsibility, and the attempt to save taxpayer dollars have been dismal failures of the worst kind.

Mr. Edwards has been brave enough to come forward and state his case, he is to be congratulated.

He treads where few others dare, the draconian powers of CASA are, in most cases, more than enough to silence criticism.

Too bad Australia, Canberra rules supreme, your taxes are wasted and a whole industry is down the drain, a shadow of what it should be.”

Sandy identified a range of issues to Marc de Stoop in July 2015 as well.

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