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Sandy Reith applauds Dick Smith on Senate presentation

Sandy Reith applauds Dick Smith on Senate presentation

Sandy Reith has been a voice for change for a number of years and his response to Dick Smith is below:

Re: Dick in the Senate…. my response, an open letter

Dick on the record does a great service to GA. It behoves all of us to publicise the totally unnecessary destruction of what should be a healthy Aussie industry.

There have been those who may have thought that a strict regime would provide a marginal increase in safety. I dispute this concept, with modern avionics such as synthetic vision coupled with recency (healthy industry) and a suite of real time flight information unheard of twenty years ago, there is every reason to realise a greater degree of safety in GA than ever before.

In any event don’t we progress by being a free country? This is certainly the country that I would prefer both for myself and my children and grandchildren. Personal responsibility should rightly be the prerogative of the individual, most private GA flying does not impinge upon the interests of the public at large.

The ‘independent government business unit’ of CASA and ASA is a fatality flawed concept. Firstly they are virtually unaccountable and secondly ‘user pays’ with no competition is a complete nonsense. It is now proven to cost the taxpayer and the health of the nation dearly, irrespective of the exorbitant fees collected. ASA is down the drain even as the monopoly provider. CASA talked Minister Albanese into an extra $89.9 million increase in fuel excise, a special one off four year job for ‘safety’ somethings, a 40% increase in staff results, Minister Truss rolls it on and not a peep is heard.

Meanwhile, out there in real land…..faint cries in the distance….

Industry is swamped in the latest quagmire and more likely sinking in the quicksands of Part 61. As Dick said half a million movements at BK 20 years ago, a dismal 270k now in spite of population and wealth growth.

This is supported by other industry comments:

The latest “real” movement rate at YSBK (BAL figures) is 170,000 pa., and falling. Don’t forget, a training circuit is two movement, so a typical hour of circuits as around 12 to 14 “movements”.


Dick is indeed to be congratulated and thanked.

But how is his contribution to be transmogrified into “CHANGE”.

Every time there is an opportunity the industry weighs in, provides excellent, professional analysis and options to the government  Countless man hours spent drafting submissions etc.   But nothing ever changes, except the stranglehold tightens.  Anyone in doubt talk to operators, some of whom have publicly spoken, real embuggerance, right now.

Lets hope ASA are the catalyst.  Bravo Dick, well done and thankyou

The word “reform” is not understood in government.

Public servants turn that into growth within their department or agency.

De-regulate means “growth” in micro-management in departments and agencies.

The legislation and regulatory standards are about what you must not do otherwise you commit a crime.

If the word “CASA” was removed from all the regulations and standards then we may start to get somewhere.

Stop writing regulations and standards to keep CASA staff employed.

Until we see performance (outcome) based standards we won’t see reduction.




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