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Industry Advisors – Reiss

Can AOPA claim to support the Aviation Industry??

There have been a number of advisors appointed, among them Phillip Reiss of AOPA[Australia].

The last financial report of AOPA to December 2012, is attached and in part says that the number of members is 2588, [And anyway how many of these have full voting rights??], which is not supported by names and affiliations in the Annual Report and includes (not stated)  people who may just buy an associated magazine.

The audited report provided to ASIC shows:

If you apply an average value to membership of $125 per member [Reciepts from Membership Fees – $97, 774], there are a maximum of 781 members based on AOPA’s numbers. And 887 for 2011, a fall of 13.5% in 12 months.

The following is included in the Annual Report to ASIC: