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Action required:

It is important that there is a continuing action on the political system, when you see that the previous Minister [Albanese] has ignored giving an answer to the Senate, as has his Head of Department – Mike Mrdac.

There has been no reply to a senate report of over 170 pages with 26 serious reccomendations that require a reply and consequent action. Albanese has refused and the response was promised by Mrdac as “a matter of urgency” in May 2013, to be given by early July 2013.

No word from CASA or ATSB either.

Sunfish gives some good guidance for action and there is a pro-forma doc file attached so you can launch your own questions [Letter to pollies – Format September 2013] to both Mr. Abbott and Mr. Truss, together with one to Senator Fawcett.


Mr. Abbott,

Parliament House
Canberra ACT 2600
e-mail: tony.abbott.mp@aph.gov.au
Phone: (02) 6277 4022
Fax: (02) 6277 8562

Mr. Warren Truss,
Correspondence: P.O. Box 283 Maryborough Qld 4650
e-mail: w.truss.mp@aph.gov.au
Phone: (07) 4121 2936 or 1300 301 968
Fax:     (07) 4122 3968

Senator David Fawcett

Liberal Senator for South Australia
CPO 100 King William St Adelaide SA 5000
e-mail: senator.fawcett@aph.gov.au
Canberra: 02 62773418
Adelaide: 08 82051040
Country callers: 1300301634


And an interesting read on how journalism and public comment will work into the future


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A note to Ppruners:If you wish to get Mr. Truss or the new Liberal government to do anything at all about aviation, especially GA, there are three themes that you must remorslessly pound day and night and nothing else:1. Jobs2. Growth.3. Investment.DO NOT whinge abour regulation, taxation, and depreciation, the state of aerodromes, training, etc. etc. on their own.You do it with examples and the theme must always be:

1. We are losing jobs, economic growth and investment opportunities because of (insert complaint) – then cite your examples.

2. We could have more jobs, economic growth and investment if (insert suggested change) – then cite your examples.

3. If the government were to (insert idea) it would generate more jobs, economic growth and investment.

4. The Government must not proceed with (insert CASA proposal) because it will cost jobs, reduce growth and stop investment in this vital sector of the economy then cite your examples.

5. This proposed change will not increase safety but will cost jobs, growth and investment.

It is also vital to put real numbers of jobs and investment $ into your proposal if you can, because this then allows public servants to write a more convincing brief to the Minister as in:

“This proposed action has the potential to (increase/decrease) jobs and investment by XXX and $$$ per annum”

If you do not keep hitting this mantra all the time you are wasting your breath.

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Or ….You could focus your energy on the people who will have the most leverage. Come 1 July 2014, the non-major party aligned Senators will have the balance of power in the Senate.Lobbying them should be the main game for anyone with smarts who wants to bring about real change in aviation regulation and accident investigation in Australia. (In another thread Plovett suggested that the new non-major partly aligned Senators should be lobbied to follow Senator X’s lead on matters aviation. That’s smart.)