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Aviation in Australia – Prior December 2014

Aviation in Australia – Prior December 2014


December 2014:

December 22nd: Release of Instrument and Repeal of Instruments

December 22nd: Release of Supreme Court finding on 2006 Parkes helicopter crash – implications for PelAir compensation

December 14th: ATSB “decide” to re-open PelAir investigation

December 11th: The Hitch response to the ASRR “Government response”

December 10th: Aviation Industry Consultative Council – first meeting

December 8th: ATSB announces a “review” of PelAir report

December 6th: Sandilands report on replacement of Martin Dolan [ATSB]

December 3rd: Xenophon response

December 3rd: Truss and mrDak response

December 1st: Mr Skidmore hits the deck – What are the CASA hierarchy telling him

December 1st: Canadians finally reply in ATSB [partial] review

November 2014:

November 10th: Has Mr. Skidmore started at CASA??

November 3rd: No show by Mr. Skidmore at CASA

November 1st: Annual report CASA and Annual report ATSB


October 2014:

October 31st: No announcement of New Board members

October 30th: Appointment of “Mark Skidmore” as CEO CASA

October 20th: Senate meetings and Senate Estimates

CASA in Estimates, ASA in Estimates, Bankstown Issues, Archerfield Questions

October 8th 2014: Cairns to Canberra Caravan leaves for Canberra

October 3rd 2014: No positive outcomes for Part 61

September 2014:

5th September: No announcement of New Board members

1st September 2014: Part 61 commences, to Industry dismay

1st September 2014: Farquarson appointed as acting DAS


August 2014:

31st August 2014: McCormick finished

8th August 2014: John McCormick [who has resigned as DAS] statement about Part 61 in The Australian

8th August 2014: MacArthur Job dies

6th August 2014: Minister Truss announces tenderer for MH370 search


July 2014:

17th July 2014: Senators Heffernan and Sterle put a second “Contempt of parliament” for consideration.

14th July 2014: Jeff Boyd of RAAA appointed to CASA Board – Is this a cynical sop to the Industry, as Boyd was out spoken earlier???

10th July 2014: Senator Xenophon puts “Contempt of parliament” for consideration


June 2014:

27th June 2014: Mrdak gets a 5-year re-appointment????

13th June 2014: ASRR panel release the public submissions and redact [confidential submissions] over 70 of the 269 submissions

3rd June 2014 – Minister Truss releases ASRR Report


May 2014:

29th May – Minister Truss says that MH370 search is “…back to square one…”

There is Senate estimates on the Budget 2014: Rural and Regional Affairs and Transport Infrastructure and Regional Development: Monday, 26 May and Tuesday, 27 May 2014

This is the month of the Australian Budget and questions for reduction of costs imposed on the aviation industry.

It is also the month for the submission of the ASRR report to the Minister.

A very important report that will either give life or death to the aviation industry.


April 2014:

Minister Truss takes 40 minutes to mention anything about aviation and in the questions [by the journalists], which go for 35 minutes, not a single aviation question.

Does the Minister need some questions asked??

Minister Truss addresses the Press Club in Canberra – 30th April 2014

Minister Truss gets the KSA announcement done today (15th April 2014) and Badgery’s Creek is alive.

Parliament releases next sitting days as May 13, 14 and 15th May, with Estimates on: 26, 27,28 and 29th May, then continued 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th June.

ASRR report due out in May 2014

Angus Houston takes charge of MH370 recovery – ATSB removed from obvious involvement


March 2014:

CASA attempts to smooth over the industry

Government Response to the PelAir Senate Inquiry [March 20th 2014]  See: PelAir Senate Inquiry

Legislation into the Australian Parliament to increase the number of people on the CASA Board by two.

Release of PelAir Ministers response due on 27th March 2014 ??

February 2014:

260 submissions to the ASRR but only a handful are public.

There has been no publication of non-confidential submissions to the ASRR.

January 2014:

The current inquiry is the ASRR [Aviation Safety Regulatory Review] as a result of the PelAir Inquiry completed in May 2013, with a reply [to the PelAir inquiry] given to Minister Albanese on 5th May 2013, but no action by the Member for Marrickville. ASRR calling for submissions now [by 31st January 2014] with a report in May 2014.

18th November 2013:

But on 18th November 2013, under questioning in the Senate, Mike Mrdak said he gave a report to Minister Albanese on 5th June 2013 [before the election] but nothing has been heard in the public sphere from Albanese.


October 2013: The Coroners Report came out in October 2013 for Hemple.

The Coroner for the Hemple Affair is on Monday 18th March 2013 and then Friday 22nd March. There is no news yet as to when the final report will be made. In June 2013, the  Coroners report is expected by August 2013.

See:  Coroners report

Australian Story makes interesting watching.


September 2013: Change of Government and Mr. Warren Truss becomes Minister, Mike Mrdack remains Head of Department

31st August 2013

Still no update on when a response to the senate. Minister Albanese chased down the street by a Prime News reporter, refusing to answer PelAir questions.

August 5th 2013: Australian Parliament porouged

24th July 2013

The latest is the ATSB referring it’s “Operation” to the TSB of Canada for a report.

This happened on 24th July 2013 in the Board meeting, that according to Dolan’s reply to the Senate was his response to the PelAir inquiry. The TOR’s have not been published and appear restricted in extent.

May 2013:

Current Inquiry [Report castigating CASA and ATSB out May 2013]:

The current Senate inquiry into aviation, which continues on 28th February 2013 will delve further into the dubious relationships between the regulator [CASA] and the accident investigator [ATSB].

The report is now “out” and the full details are here.