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Sad news of the death of Bernie Currall

Sad news of the death of Bernie Currall

Bernie Currall died on Friday 27th February 2015, just as a new investigation into the PelAir debacle has been restarted.

The process, which has been sought by those on the ill-fated flight from Samoa to Melbourne in a long wished result of the 2012 Senate Inquiry and subsequent ASRR [Forsyth Inquiry].

It is indeed sad that the key participant will not see all the hidden information and the CVR [Cockpit Voice recorder] brought to the surface.

Bernie will not see that Justice can be brought to this event.

Vale Bernie – All the participants will not only remember you with great fondness, but see that a battle such as this can be fought and won.


A copy of some of the news reports at the time are in this document.

Norfolk air crash survivors:
Woman’s Day (Australian Consolidated Press); 3/15/2010, Vol. 62 Issue 11, p32
The article discusses the survival experience of a couple Bernie Curral and Gary Curral during an air crash. The Melbourne, Victoria based, couple spend a night full of horror when the CareFlight plane immersed into the ocean. Bernie says that she has a recurring nightmare that she is outside the plane in the water and screaming for Gary. Gary does not agree when media praises the pilot despite the crash and now believes in miracles.


In 2012, ABC Four Corners ran an in-depth expose of the PelAir matter.

It is well worth a re-visit as the FOI of the underlying Chambers report, which was with-held from the ATSB and showed serious deficiencies in the way CASA surveilled PelAir and was discovered by the ABC and Flight Nurse Karen Casey.

The participants are: Pilot Dominic James, Pilot Zoe Cupitt, Flight Nurse Karen Casey, Doctor David Helm, Patient Bernie Curall, Husband Gary Curall.

Supreme Court action by Karen Casey and David Helm.

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