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Richard Rudd Update #5

Richard’s case progresses some more, with the Mayor responding to an office visit.









The mayor’s e-mail reply is clear:

Dear Mr. Cumming,

Further to our discussion of Wednesday of this week in which you requested a meeting with Mayor Angela Toppin, I can advise that I have spoken to the Mayor and she is prepared to meet with you, but she would appreciate it if you would please provide details, in writing, of exactly what you wish to discuss with her.

Please provide this information at your convenience by email to mayor@msc.qld.gov.au – or to myself colleenl@msc.qld.gov.au via return email.

You indicated to me verbally that you wished to discuss “finalising” the matter of Mr Richard Rudd. I respectfully request that you please advise on what basis you have authority to represent Mr Rudd.

Once this information is received, I will be in a position to set up the meeting at the convenience of both yourself and the Mayor.

Kind regards,

Colleen Lubomirski
Personal Assistant to the Mayor
26th November 2021

Since November, Richard has been sorting some personal issues relating to the eviction and Supreme CT, with the mayor replying this week saying that she was not honouring the undertaking.

This week, we have a reply from the mayor Angella Toppin:

From: Cr Angela Toppin <AngelaT@msc.qld.gov.au>
Date: Mon, Jan 17, 2022 at 10:45 AM
Subject: RE: attachment
To: Richard RUDD <ruddr1340@gmail.com>

Dear Richard

Thank you for your email. I apologise if there was any misunderstanding following Mr Cumming’s communication last year. Given the matter you wish to discuss pertains to the legal proceedings I request you contact our solicitors as we are dealing with this matter through them.


Cr Angela Toppin

Phone: 1300 308 461  |  Direct: 07 4086 4606
Email: angelat@msc.qld.gov.au  |  Website: www.msc.qld.gov.au
65 Rankin St, Mareeba  |  PO Box 154, Mareeba, Queensland, Australia, 4880

Which part of “….I can advise that I have spoken to the Mayor and she is prepared to meet with you,…” ??? does the Mayor not understand. As a matter of interest, Mayor Toppin was a local high school teacher. Perhaps a remedial english class is required.

The legal proceedings are complete, with a costs order and hangar return.

Instead, the saga is dragged on by Council obstinance.

In the local paper, this week also, Richard draws attention to the on-going cost that the Mareeba Shire Council, Mayor and ceo are visiting on the community. The longer there is a refusal to negotiate by these people, the longer and more costly it will become.

I looked at Council’s plans and the ceo decided to “self-insure” in order to “save money”, so the costs and damages in Richard’s case [and the Council costs] will be borne by the ratepayer.


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