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Review of Skidmore in past 18-months as “DAS” – FAIL

Review of Skidmore in past 18-months as “DAS” who says:

CASA has learnt from past mistakes made during the development and introduction of regulatory changes such as the flight crew licensing

The Minister [Darren Chester] says:

In particular, I will continue to consult with the General Aviation sector to address issues of concern which threaten the viability of this important industry.

Lets test the statement above in the matters below:

  • JabiruSkidmore allows Jonathon Aleck to make, what can only be described as “…get out of jail…” statements to Australian Flying.
    Alleck, who has been in charge of this segment of aviation [SAAOO] for a number of years, has a habit of massaging what he says to the industry to best suit his criteria.
    The word “discrepant statements” comes to mind.
  • Part-61: No proper advancement, just a mish-mash of expensive rules and compliances, that are expensive and add serious costs to the aviation industry.To renew a multi for an existing PPL with NVFR, CIR, PIFR for a PA31-350 and for 182, 210, M-20, PA-28, PA-30 has been estimated to cost north of $7500 as a BFR+CIR. The old cost was <$1000 on a two year basis. Where the PIFR is, part 61 does not tell us at all.
  • AV-MED: Still out of control.

That an individual should be called to account for having more than 3-standards drinks a week and have to be subjected to “liver-function” testing beggars belief.

The CVD debacle, where an AAT win is still defied by #casa.

A computer system that holds up applications and affects livelihoods for a reason completely outside the control of an applicant.

CMO who will not properly accept recognised medical experts

CMO who introduces untried and suspect requirements

  • “Investigations”:

And in Skidmore’s legal branch, there are individuals who try people on the basis of untruths, untrue statements, use dodgy evidence and evidence trails, harass witnesses, apply improper pressure on individuals, use “strict liability” as a weapon to damage individuals and render them “criminals”.

The classic case is Jack Patovic and John Quadrio

I have heard it stated by senior #casa staff “…a pilot is a criminal, we just haven’t caught them yet…”

  • Past Actions:

Mark Skidmore in December 2015 – No progress

Mark Skidmore in October 2015   – No progress

June 2015:

June 2015 Missive by Skidmore

A short read of this shows CASA is still going the way of “…we know best, if you think differently, you must prove it to us…”.

This means there is the opportunity for people in the aviation community to show CASA how the right safety outcomes under the regulations can be achieved at a lower cost or administrative burden. 

Skidmore then tries to have it that the industry could not be correct in saying:

In other words, CASA is not saying “it is our way or the highway” when it comes to the exercise of our discretionary compliance powers.

As the press recently has been saying, this does not auger well for the industry.


Skidmore’s actions do not reconcile with the stated objective of the Minister.

Distinct result 0/10 Mark Skidmore


And in the June 2016 Skidmore missive, Mark says:

CASA has learnt from past mistakes made during the development and introduction of regulatory changes such as the flight crew licensing suite.  Consultation processes are being improved, regulations will be tested with the aviation community before introduction and information will be presented clearly and provided consistently.  Our new approach to regulatory reform is consistent with the Federal Government’s response to the Aviation Safety Regulation Review, which stated time was needed for the aviation community and CASA to adjust to and successfully implement regulatory changes.

skidmark missive June 2016

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