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Useful Reading and GNSS Information:

Over the past 3 years, I have collected together some useful material, which compromises an array of information on Research into GPS/ RNAV/ Associated approaches, together with some papers written about the subject.

Guidance was given by ATSB into the development and use of GPS equipment

1. Design concerns [there has been a similar study in the UK, which has other concerns raised]:

The concern most respondents had regarding the design of RNAV

2. Explaination on GNSS/ GPS usage in aviation:

GPS Phelan FSA 2000

history of rnav gregory

Explaination gnss – FAA arbert

Explaination RNAV – J McGraw RNAV Status US

gnssbooklet casa 2006

history of rnav gregory


3. Papers on Failures and general Operation of “GPS”/ “GNSS”

Gps failures

faa – gpstrans

gnss – caa paper2007_06

gnss paper 2006 – aus-5587

gnss report 2007_06

gnssbooklet casa 2006

gps aviation limits – rinpaper

Papers from Aus gnss conference – 5587


lone positioning source – vor – sim gps

4. Equipment:

gnss equipment AC 21-36

5. National Airspace Systems:

National Airspace System_ Comprehensive FAA Plan for Global Positioning System is Needed — GAO_RCED-95-26

National Airspace System_ Observations on the Wide Area Augmentation System (Testimony, 10_01_97, GAO_T-RCED-98-12)