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Report by State Development Regional aviation services in NSW slams excessive regulation and impact on aviation

The release of the Standing Committee on State Development Regional aviation services has been released and the summary appears below.

This idicates the concern of the committe over the effect of the regulations and their changes [by the regulator – CASA and the effect on aviation].

This is specifically at Recommendation 1 and 8.


LEGISLATIVE COUNCIL Regional aviation services, xiv Report 38 – October 2014

Summary of recommendations

Recommendation 1 P 20
That local communities, the mining industry, the Civil Aviation Safety Authority and the NSW Government discuss opportunities to pursue a more coordinated approach to the provision of air services that recognise the needs of local communities and the resources industry.

Recommendation 2 P35
That the NSW Government write to the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development, to encourage the expansion of the current Direction 93, made under subsection 95X of the Competition and Consumer Act 1910 (Cth) to include pricing for other Sydney Airport services, including hangar space, airline office space, storage facilities, and other infrastructure used by regional airlines.

Recommendation 3 P47
That the NSW Government write to the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development to encourage a review of the current slot allocation and movements cap systems in place at Sydney Airport, which should include eliminating the 15 minute movement cap and the removal of regional turboprop aircraft from the movements cap.

Recommendation 4 P47
That the NSW Government write to the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development and request that the Federal Government consider the possibility of allocating a limited number of the reserved regional slots into Sydney Airport to specific regional communities.

Recommendation 5 P48
That the NSW Government in its correspondence with the Minister for Infrastructure and Regional Development urge the Federal Government to amend the Sydney Airport Demand Act 1997 to ensure the access of regional regular passenger transport services to Sydney Airport is preserved.

Recommendation 6 P63
That the NSW Government establish a roundtable of stakeholders, headed by the Minister for Regional Infrastructure and Services to develop an on-going funding arrangement for the continued maintenance of the network of essential airfields across the state.

Recommendation 7 P72
That the NSW Government institute legislative change that will provide aerodromes with a similar exemption to that provided to other state infrastructure in relation to the removal or pruning of obtrusive native vegetation.

Recommendation 8 P72
That the NSW Government write to the Minister for Transport and Infrastructure to note the concerns of regional airports that they are overburdened and overwhelmed by the frequent changes to civil aviation safety legislation and regulations. Furthermore, the committee recommends that the NSW Government urges the Minister to consider the impact of security and safety regulations on regional airports and encourage the adoption of a risk management
approach. The Minister will also be asked to provide funding to support regulatory change that requires upgrades to be made to infrastructure.

Recommendation 9 P81
The committee recommends that the NSW Government work with industry and local government to develop a workable model, including regulation if necessary, that will facilitate the timely payment of airport fees to operators.

Recommendation 10 P87
That the NSW government gives further consideration of the hub and spoke model as an option for the delivery of regional aviation services and takes into account the issues discussed in this report.

Recommendation 11 P100
That the NSW Government commences discussions with the Federal Government, industry, Regional Development Australia, local councils and communities to plan for the impacts on communities and infrastructure resulting from the introduction of larger fleet sizes.

Recommendation 12 P107
That the NSW Government explicitly acknowledge that regular passenger transport services in regional New South Wales are an essential service.

Recommendation 13 P112
That the NSW Government considers the role of the Australian Airports Association, Regional Development Australia, and representative bodies including regional organisations of councils could play in providing advice and support on grants funding and application processes.

Recommendation 14 P113
That the NSW government to continue to support aviation through grant programs and ensure that the application processes are uncomplicated and easy to follow.

Recommendation 15 P117
The current NSW government assessment of air services in the Orana region be finalised promptly.

Recommendation 16 P117
That the NSW government undertake studies similar to the Orana regional assessment, in other regional and remote communities that are without air services.

Recommendation 17 P122
That Transport for NSW consult with local councils who currently have a regulated air route to discuss if deregulation is preferable to regulation.

Recommendation 18 P122
That Transport for NSW consult with local government in a transparent and open way throughout the licence tender process and on the appointment of an airline, and continue to make improvements to consultation processes.

Recommendation 19 P123
That Transport for NSW develop a guide for local government that clearly explains the department’s role, and the responsibilities of council in relation to managing the relationship with the airline.

Recommendation 20 P125
That regional air services be located within the portfolio responsibilities of the Minister for Regional Infrastructure and Services.

Recommendation 21 P125
That the NSW Government establish a regional aviation taskforce under the direction of the Minister for Regional Infrastructure and Services, supported by a parliamentary secretary that takes into consideration the concerns raised by this report and the recommendations of the committee.

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