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Reith letter to the Australian Senate

Sandy Reith reminds the Senators of the history of the past 10-years, where #aviation has come under extreme pressure due to indifferent Government action and failure to manage #aviation for the future.
The need for a major structural change is evident. [The letter is published below.]
The #casa experiment is a dismal failure, with the industry assessment [Colmar Brunton survey] being from 30 to 46% having any satisfaction in the regulator.
We remind you that in 30-years, #casa has not completed the task it was set up to undertake – new regulations, despite all #casa CEO’s claiming “…by the end of the year…”.
The #aviation industry needs to have a non-performer meet it’s maker.
The way forward:
  • Report under a Minister;
  • Remove #casa as an independent organisation;
  • Remove the un-nessesary red tape nightmare;
  • Introduce the US regulations [US-FAR’s];
  • Have a judicial inquiry into #casa nonfeasance;

As a result, there will be a restoration of business opportunities and a revitalisation of rural and regional #aviation, including training and the maintenance industry.

Removal of the improperly applied ASIC card and a rework of the Aviation Security Act would also assist. We note that this requirement is not applied in the States.

And there has been a political push from Queensland to censure #casa and make changes to the Aviation Act.

The #aviation maintenance industry, via AMROBA says:

GA and Alignment with Asia Pacific: To align with the Asia Pacific region is achievable but we also need to preserve and nurture our own GA system to provide various entry levels for pilots and maintenance engineers. Our regulatory system must return to the vision the Morris Report introduced for CASA to promulgated aviation safety regulations and standards for pilots and engineers. This would open the doors for cost effective processes to attract Y and Z generations into aviation.

Here is the letter from Sandy Reith to the Australian senators.

Dear Senators,
The last thing we need is yet another inquiry. You have the Forsyth Report from the (time consuming and expensive) Aviation Safety Regulation Review, the ASRR. You also have the BITRE report on GA. You have the CASA figures of current medical approvals and if you count out overseas students you will see a big decline.
In the ASRR you will find hundreds of submissions which go exactly to the problems and decline of GA in Australia. In the PDF attached you will see part of the problem, over regulation causing huge cost increases which is why we are now so uncompetitive, why we have to import our airline pilots. You might understand that GA activity has declined when our population has almost doubled.
Why we have lost thousands of jobs, businesses and services in GA right across Australia. In the USA an instructor can go out and teach flying. They are not graded. Not so here, you will have to be graded, vetted and spend many thousands ($50,000? more?) and wait uncertainly over months or years for a flying school permit. Totally unnecessary.
The attached table was produced by Adrianne Fleming, Head of Operations at Tristar Aviation, Moorabbin Airport regarding the latest rules versus the previous regime.
Tip of the iceberg. 
What is sorely needed is reform action. Not another inquiry.
You could start by requiring CASA to immediately allow independent instructors as per the USA.
Thirty one years ago CASA (it’s predecessor by another name change) was set by the Minister to rewrite the rules. It still hasn’t finished because the independent corporate body model of governance cannot work. It is incapable.
There must be a transparent line of Parliamentary oversight and accountability. We are entitled to expect governments to govern, not hand over virtually unlimited power to unelected bureaucrats.
If you suspect I’m exaggerating, look at the Glen Buckley case, an excellent example of the CASA modus operandi, how to crush a GA business.
There is a great opportunity to revitalise this ailing industry, there’s just enough left of the GA industry to build upon, please do not do a Nero.
Alexander C. (Sandy) Reith

Reform for General Aviation (GA), simple rules, independent instructors and maintenance engineers, car driver medicals for Private Pilots. Ring, write, email and contact your local MP and State Senators to lobby for US style aviation administration and rules.

To fly is not a government given ‘privilege’ but our right to pursue happiness as free people. GA is in severe decline and demands change for growth, jobs and a fair go.

My commercial flying operations commenced 1968. Former Chief Pilot, Chief Instructor, aircraft and airport owner running scheduled services, charters and flying school with licence testing approvals. Current private flying and aircraft owner.

“No axe to grind,”  wish to see my country do better. More info? Please contact anytime.



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