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Brasilia Darwin

EFATO – Simulating an engine failure

The Brasilia accident has serious implications for training of pilots in EFATO and how these should be undertaken. 

Read the following articles from the media, which have questioned what has happened:

Fatal plane crash baffles investigators _ News.com







Darwin – Pilots’ deaths raise aviation questions – ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

and from the pilot blog, pprune:

Air North Brasilia Crash in Darwin (Merged) [Archive] – Page 2 – PPRuNe Forums

ATSB comes up with the following report, which essentially dismisses the EFATO issue, saying that the operator has gone to the use of simulators, hence there is no further risk.


brassillia DW EFATO – atsb – ao-2010-019

Another EFATO [in a Metro] occurred at Tamworth, which was much better discussed by ATSB, but there still is little progress made in the entire EFATO process. It is attached for comparison.


or from:

Tamworth – metro – aair199503057_001

Here’s a video on the test flight of an aircraft – note height and speculate on what could happen.