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Reflections of the human face of the #PelAir ditching

Reflections of the human face of the #PelAir ditching

The tragic loss of Bernie Currall [our #pelair patient] in the past two weeks, just as the re-opening of the #pelAir ditching by the #ATSB has started.

ATSB started making phone calls to the participants [including the flight nurse] around the 19th of February 2015, which leaves one to ponder just why a medical evacuation flight has turned into such a human tragedy.

It could have been a tragedy that 2009 November night in the Pacific ocean at Norfolk Island, but all survived the ditching. The flight nurse managed to get the patient [Bernie Currall] out of the split and sinking jet, which then goes to a watery 45 metre grave just off-shore from Norfolk Island.

No help from the regulator after the event, except to place blame on those involved, particularly the pilot, who is still suffering from the regulator pursuing him as he seeks to get his career back on track, after serving out the impromptu “justice” of the regulator.

The regulator [CASA] has dirty hands, as discovered by the Senate inquiry launched in October 2012 after the public finally becomes aware of the event in the ABC Four Corners programme. It is clearly shown that the regulator had withheld the Chambers Report from public scrutiny and had not even forwarded it to the investigator – #ATSB. The withholding of material that is of substance to an inquiry by ATSB is an offence under the Australian Transport Safety Investigation Act.

The action by Senators Heffernan, Sterle and Xenophon to refer matters to the Senate Priviledges Committee has not yet surfaced as to who, whom or where.

As it is seen in full public view, the head of ATSB, Martin Dolan, is properly queried by the senators saying that it would not have made any difference to their final finding and refuse the senators to re-open the investigation and recover the CVR either. Question arises, is ATSB in comtempt of it’s own TSI Act??

The regulator knew of serious problems within #pelair prior to the accident [and it raises the issue of why the mother company – REX made seriously large political donations during this period.  The donations were revealed in November 2014, in the AEC [Australian Electoral Commission] report on political donations.

The arrival of the Canadian TSB into the fray occurred late in 2013.

Although the Terms of Reference were narrowed by Dolan, they [Canadian TSB] were able to reach a similar conclusion as the Senators.

The investigation of the #Pelair ditching is re-opened and announced on the 24th February 2015 senate estimates hearing, where Dolan was put under the public scrutiny of the senators, led by Senator Nick Xenophon.

This is now some five 1/4 years since the event.

I believe that this is not justice, nor appropriate for an Australian organisation [ATSB] that has been given a “leading” role in the #MH370 search.

Why has this happened??

Because they can do it and not be subject to full scrutiny.

How many other investigations have been botched, either deliberately or on purpose?? 

Have the subsequent Coroner’s Inquiries been improperly influenced by a faulty ATSB report or by CASA influence on the Coroner with withheld material, pertinent to the investigation at the time?

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